Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Good ol' Days

Just a little Christmas Music-video flashback.

Farewell Sweet Vauxhall

Today was my last day with my precious little Vauxhall children.

Yes I realize that anyone who talks to me on a regular basis has heard me complain about V-Town way too much. I apologize. I meant it at the time. With my whole heart. But apparently I kind of liked it a little bit.

Actually a lot a bit. Especially the kidlets.

Leaving today was a sad thing... I got some hugs, Tupperware, some dish soap, and a few "I'll miss you times a billions".

Anyway its over.

Follow Through.

Mean Teacher.

I gave them gloves for Christmas... how precious are they!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Todays Adventure.

My dad wakes up early every morning so I have some company before I head off to Vauxhell. Every morning he goes outside and turns on my car 15 min before I leave so it is nice and toasty when I leave. He also always gives me a few good chuckles before I leave. How lucky am I?

Anyways... Today I was complaining as I headed out the door and dad says "O you love it, every day is an adventure".

And its true. Everyday I come home with some pretty hilarious stories. At least I think they are hilarious.

So I head towards to Tim Hortons where I meet my carpool pal. 43rd looks like University Parkway after a BYU game. I live in Lethbridge, this is not normal. I analyze the situation and discover a train PARKED right in the middle of my route. I feel like parking a trail on a main road at 7am is not smart. I take after my mother and don't have very much patience as soon as I do up my seatbelt.

I think I am super smart, turn around, and zip through residential areas to not be late for my carpool pal. I am turning the corner on to my alternate highway..... and see flashing lights. Warning me that a train is coming. Are you kidding me! It was still a good 10 meters from the road.. and I would have jsut gone if the car in front of me wasnt such a baby and stopped.

So I wait for this train to move in front of us... thinking how stupid am I? I would be there by now if I had just waited the first time around. I am rockin out to 95.5 and trying to not think about what an idiot I am. I see the end of the train... 10 min later. This might not seem like a lot. But when you wake up at 5:50 every day you run a tight ship. not one minute to spare.

3rd car from the end of the train. and it stops. stops dead. no movement at all.

5 min later

Train kicks er into reverse. This is not real life is it? I then wait another 10 min and see every train car pass by me again.

If we have to park a train on the highway lets at least make sure we are heading the right way, no?

First conversation as I get to into the classroom
"Miss. Smith did you just get glasses?"
"Nope, I have had them for a while, I just usually wear contacts."
"O... cause you look really weird with glasses"

Pops is right... everyday is an adventure. And I feel weird saying it... but I am loving my Vaxhall adventures more and more everyday.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Was the day from hell. I wouldn't be mad if I never saw "Welcome to Vauxhall" ever again.

Monday, November 8, 2010

6 days away from Miss Smith

S- suspense. how long can a person wait for something with such short term life effects.
T- teacher face. I have a giggle issue, not acceptable while executing "teacher face"
U- unknown: people, expectations, subjects
D- driving. 2 hr 15 min. Daily. Thats a hefty commute.
E- early mornings that await... we usually don't see eye to eye.
N- names. a class of 18, 10 kids with the same name as someone else in the class
T- tiffany. the word I will try to hide for the next month

T- tim hortons. I will see too many on that hefty commute. (4)
E- egg.I once used a hard boiled one in a super engaging helmet safety class.(E is hard)
A- awol. what I will be socially once this adventure begins.
C- coughing. Elementary school in the winter = cesspool of germs. flu shot?
H- humor. I am counting on you getting me through the next few weeks.
I- ironic.I used Vauxhall as my "I could go to.." example before it was my reality.
N- newby. thats me.
G- german class every Friday. gl├╝cklig.

Friday, October 29, 2010

And on the other hand...

My last post was overly bubbly and up beat. It annoys me on days like this, when I am on the other side of the spectrum. I might have a multiple personality problem.

I blame my grumpiness on Halloween. I hate the holiday. I have for the last 5 years. It was ok in Utah because I would join forces with my roommates go through their closets and somehow we would come up with something. We would then acknowledge the fact that we hate Halloween and we would attend a skanky utah dress up dance or make a quick appearance at a ward party... or sometimes both.

But this year I am roommate-less, and Halloween option-less. This has thrown me into a state of missing. Missing my American friends and my American life. Chris Faires said today if I were down there we would be dressing up as Boggis, Bunce and Bean. That sounds fantastic to me. But alas I will probably throw on the smith-famous red long-johns and awkwardly make my way through yet another Lethbridge YSA dance.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Little Things

Some days are just really really happy days. And not really for any big reason, I didn't get a job or a winning lotto ticket or a hot husband or a 2010 Denali. BUT it was still a day that makes me happy. List time? yes.

* It was a rare sleep in day! The 9 hours of slumber I got last night might actually be the reason the rest of the day was so pleasant...
* I experimented with canned pears in my oatmeal. SO tasty.
* My WorldTeach application is almost done after a sesh of working on it this morning.
* I found out about like 4 days in the next 2 weeks when I don't have to go to school. Whoop whoop
* After break in Language Ashley brought me a Pumpkin Donut. Timmys Pumpkin treats have made this fall season for me.
* I am going to see my boy Mack teach institute. So proud of him.
* Good ol' teach brought candy today (perhaps the surplus of fatty foods today is what has put me in this mood)
* I honked at someone going up the westside hill. I dont think I have ever given a serious honk before. But he cut me off, there was nothing else to do. It made me feel good. I take after my grandmother.
* I found a popcorn ball Bonnie had left in my car... it sat in the sun all day and was extra soft. (O gosh, it is the fatty foods that got me!)
* I am done school for the week!! Well minus the Vauxhall adventure I will have beginning at 5 am tomorrow....
* Its been Utah weather out there! today was balmy!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Teaching Placement: Received

Starting November 15 I will be a commuter.
My commute is to Vauxhall, it will take 1 hour 5 min, and when I get there I will be teaching grades 4-6 (YAY) and they are ESL (YAY x 1000)
Leaving at 6:45 every morning to face -40 Canadian weather and roads... not so much yay.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Love....

Nibs... dad has a secret stash in the storage room and brings me handfuls as I work on homework

The weird thing Tanner did to my computer... it thinks its in the states and I can use Hulu and Pandora

That I am going to Utah tomorrow... and not because Tanner did a weird thing to me that just makes me think I am going to be there

Fall...I usually have bitter feelings towards the season, but it has been warm and beautiful!

Fantastic friends... the ones I could never get sick of

Good music...especially the recently discovered stuff.

Google... I lost my planner last week and was in a state of confusion for 3 days. Then I turned to the previously neglected google calender. I have since fallen in love with all things google

Weekends... and how fast they seem to come these days

A good deal... I will be finding you in this weekend in Happy Valley

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Thoughts Inside My Head

Blog time!! School as came in and taken over my life. Well thats a lie. But if I want to fit in a social life and school there is little time left for anything else. Which I like. Except that I dont get to Blog... or creep on other peoples Blogs as much.

My mom asked me how life is going the other day. (Not on the phone like is usually done at the beginning of the year). I said it was really good. And it is. Lethbridge is treating my quite nicely.

Things are good here.. but very different than Utah life.

Is it time for another list? I think so.

So here are the new happenings/feelings/random Tiffany thoughts:

  1. After 6 months of living like a Hutterite I have a ipod! I got the brand new itouch and I love it so much. I also got a new laptop because mine crocked. It lasted me all 4 years at BYU... shout out to ol' Gateway.

  2. A man from Arkansas called me today. Bentonville actually. From the headquarters of WalMart. I had applied for a Merchindising Leadership Intern position about 6 months ago. He wanted to set up an interview for Thursday.... in the Tanner Building... at BYU. Makes things a bit tricky. But he is going to contact me and set up a internet interview soon. Exciting... but weird. In my head I am now a teacher.

  3. O yes. I am a teacher. I have 2, 3 hour classes Monday- Thursday. Its busy, and a weird kind of school but I like it. I have already made some great friends in the program.

  4. I have a play date with my school friends on Thursday. I haven't had one of those in like 10 years.

  5. I went to my first "Ball" last weekend. A 50's Themed Fall Ball actually.

  6. My In-class Practicum is Nov 15- Dec 16. I might stay in Leth... but could be moving to Vauxhall, Mountian View (my fingers are crossed), High River ect.... I find out this week where they are plopping me. Scary.

  7. I wrote an " I am" poem for school today


Indecisive, Adventurous, Young, and Moving

Sibling of Nicole Lee

Lover of Economics, Kids, and Third-World Countires

Who feels Cold, Motivated, and Tired

Who needs Friends, Peanut Butter, and Laughter

Who gives Hugs, Advice, and Winks

Who fears Fish, Dirty Bathrooms, and Haunted Houses

Who would like to see Every Country int he World, a Blue Whale, and My Future

Resident of LEthbridge, Great Lakes Place


8. I am not a Poet

9. Ideas of Education Policy have taken over my life. Waiting for Superman came out on the East Coast last weekend. I cant wait to see it!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My new life as a Pronghorn.

How is summer over already! It has been the fastest/best summer of my 21 years.
I just got back from a glorious 2 weeks in Hawaii with my fabulous famski. We went to Kauai and Oahu. Papa Smith swam... in the ocean... without any flotation device. I never thought I would see the day. He also had a deep desire to eat the "belly of a turtle". He became quite the ocean lover.

I got to go back to BYU-H and remember all the reasons why I loved it. For some reason I expected to see all the same friends working at the PCC. Not one of them was there except for a guy I recognized from Haliakas audition that's in charge of one of the canoes. Apparently life in Hawaii has moved on without me.

I loved being able to see all these new glorious places with my family and show them some of the ones I have been reliving in my memory for the last 2 years.

Yesterday I went up to Calgary with Kelsey to visit Cassy. It had been a really really long time since I had experienced a good girls day. The day was made up of mall trips and cheesecake. 2 of my favorites. I loved the day and I really really love them.

In 6 days I will be going back to school... at the U of L. My miracle happened. I will start student teaching in a few weeks and be a teacher in a few years. My situation was taken to the Dean and I am in the CTS track... so I will be teaching computers/business... or at least that's what the plan is for right now. I feel so lucky and watched out for.

School started at BYU on Monday. I was a sad little Canadian. I miss my fellow Cougars even more than I expected and I even miss that over sized, overly-zoobied, bell ringing of a campus. Yesterday Kelsey pumped me up for Lethbridge life... and I have since become a much happier soul. I am excited to be able to go to all the things I have been hearing about for the last 4 years and try out a different scene. So I am excited to be a Pronghorn... even if it could be taken down by your average Cougar.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How is it the end of July!!

I almost decided to ignore that I had a blog and never ever write again. There is too much to catch up on and I dont even want to start. But its late... and my new "roommates" are in bed, im not tired... and naturally that means its time to blog. By now I probably have lost the 2 followers I once had and I'm just writing for myself. O well. Soo how to go about all the up dates? a list. of course.

1.) I made it back to Lethbridge safely after a few of my favorite southern kids brought me home. It was so fun to have them here. We did a fury SO AB tour. Its weird to live at home again. yesterday my dad tried imposing a 11 o clock weeknight curfew. Im embarrased to tell anyone. But its been fun to be home, Nicole is a crack up these days. Probably one of the top 5 funnies people I know. Dont tell her that.
2.) As many know I am kind of an EFY-lifer. But this paid off because I got to spend the first 2 weeks of July in the Maritimes. The session was in Sackville New Brunswick-woot. and then I spend a week driving around soaking in the Atlantic life. It was so fun to see such a different part of Canada... it made me love it even more and i met a ton of sweet folk. I leave saturday for 2 more sessions in Calgary.
3.) This may seem too ridiculous to be true. But it is true. Tiffany has met a boy. Weird... I know. Hes fantastic though. I have too much fun with him and hes super duper sweet to me. Yay :)
4.) I LOVE summer. As each one comes I think I love it more. I would be as happy as a clam if I lived where winter didnt exist. Ya not very Canadian of me... but its true.
5.) FINALY..... Haliaka and Sarah came to visit! They werent here for long but it was a blast to show them around what I havent been able to shut up about for 4 years. I love them so much. We went to waterton, the Stampede, Ridding(thank you Nathan), Sea Dooing(thank you Nathan), Floated down the river, and Visited some Huts in East Raymond.
6.) Updates on my quest to be a teacher... I spend June in a Grade 2 Class and loved it. I think if i did do teaching I would want to be in a High School... but those kids were so adorable! So I apply to the U of L teaching program. I apply to the U of A teaching program. The U of L rejects me. The U of A hate talking to me and is super slow. The U of L decides to put my application through again.. I find out Thursday the final decision. If I get it in really will be a miracle. The U of A still wont talk to me....

7.) At the same time I apply for like 5 jobs a day... why does no one want a 21 year old unexperienced Economist!

This was supposed to be in some sort of order.. its not really. Life is going super good. And to my suprise didnt fall apart when I left Provo. But I do miss things down there a lot.. and probably will more when September comes around.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Time is Sprinting

My theme of April 2010- Life goes by fast. Very very fast. Enjoy every moment.

Nothing stands between me and a degree but a few finals. I am usually very bitter by this time of year and feeling angry towards my tests. But not this year. I feel like I could spend the next 3 or 4 months studying for them and that would be ok as long as I could continue living in my bedroom at the end of the hall in 201. BUT no such luck.

I had a blast with my family here for conference. We got a extra ticket for both sessions we went too. It was a great Smith Family Memory.Nicole came to class with me a few times which I love. Its surprising to a lot of people that we are as close as we are and 4 years apart. I'm relatively immature and she is more mature than her age gives her credit for. It works out really nice. We saw a man in a gorilla suite get arrested on campus. That was neat.
My mom brought down all of our childhood home videos to but them on DVDs... we spent all night one of the nights watching them. It was hilarious... and kind of sad. Sometimes I wish we could rewind a bit back to a when I had inch-thick bangs that started at the middle of my head, and Nicole couldn't say her R's.

Haiti. I was ready to go, had my parents 95% of the way talked into it and was getting all sorts of excited. I called my health insurance last week and they said I cant go because the Embassy in Haiti says it is too dangerous for me. REALLY? how are all those other people there? nope, no Tiffany Smith. I have continued to work on it and try to get insurance from anywhere I can.. but it looks like Haiti may be added to Tiffany's List of Failed Plans 2010 Edition. (Along with Provo EFY which has officially been ripped from my grasp).

Haliaka and I drove on campus last night. One huge check mark on our list of things to accomplish at BYU. It was just as glorious as I have been dreaming it would be for the last 4 years. We went to Sammys and got real pie-shakes and sat at the bar for a long time. I loved it.

Before I know it I will be back in Southern Alberta and that is kind of scary. I have been blessed with fantastic friends and oppertunities in Utah. 4 years ago I hated this place. And now I dread leaving it. Weird how that happens. For the last 2 days I have brought my camera everywhere with me, every review session, library visit, lunch with friends, and class.... just in case. I want to soak it all up.

Its an exciting time with all sorts of change. The scary is kind of hiding the exciting though.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Yay the ugly pink is gone :)
Stick me in a computer lab for hours on end,
give me a history paper to write after I have been doing math papers for 2 years,
and send all my friends away for the weekend
THEN I will take the time to figure out blogging basics.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good or Bad news first?

Good News
  • My family is coming Friday and staying for over a week :)
  • We have conference tickets to 3 sessions!
  • All applications for the Teaching grad program are DONE.
  • There are only 3 weeks of school left.
  • I have a ton of friends coming down to Utah this weekend. I love visitors.
  • The finance test I thought I failed... I actually got a 93. That never happens to me.
  • Its my dad's 50th birthday while they are down. I haven't been with him on his birthday for 3 years.
  • I am working on a development project with "Sustain Haiti" and things are starting to come together. The first crew will be on the ground in a month.
  • Tickets have been bought to go to "Stadium of Fire" with Carry Underwood
  • I went to the Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan concert. I won backstage passes to meet Luke. I freaked.
  • I have been going through my room and throwing a ton of stuff away. It feels good to clear stuff out.
  • There is only one more FHE left that I am in charge of. I am about out of ideas.
  • I have run into Jimmer at least once a week for the last month an a half. Today it was a very close encounter. Hes probably following me hey?

Bad News
  • For all 3 conference sessions we only have 3 tickets.
  • There are issues with my American EFY paper work.
  • I do not have a back up plan if EFY doesn't work.
  • There are only 3 weeks of school left.
  • I have pink eye.
  • Rylie and Courtney are going to return home this weekend with tans worthy of envy.
  • I need to scrounge up $2000 to go to Haiti.
  • I just got a stack of 25 grad notices to mail out.
  • After almost a week of gorgeous spring weather I was hit by a snowflake or two today. Stop playing with my heart.
  • I have started packing.. which means the end is near.
  • My Ipod has been out of commission for about a month, my computer is on its death bed, and Dug (my car) is showing signs of illness.
  • I have a term paper looming. Topic: Canada's Economic History. Maybe my dad will assist in the process this weekend...

None of the bad news is really that BAD. I have a lot to be grateful for and some fun adventures to look forward to.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Time Flies... When Your Sick

  1. I am sick. And sick of it. This might be the end of me.
  2. I have applied to U of L, U of C, and U of A for "after degree teaching programs" I have decided Math teaching might be my calling in life.
  3. I have a new favorite song:
  4. The fact that it is the middle of March scares me.
  5. I am going to see Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan on Friday. I love them.
  6. After studying for 2 days and doing really well on my first two finance mid-terms ... today I did terrible on the third.
  7. I have started working with a "Sustain Haiti" project through BYU, I hope to be going in May.
  8. I miss my family very much. But I am counting the days until they come down :) (15)
  9. I got a kick out of some St. Patrick Day participants today. Top hats, Kilts, Bandannas, and Man-shawls were all spotted on BYU campus today.
  10. I have a plan to drive on campus with Haliaka. Its been a few years in the works and we will be executing the adventure any day now.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Its late sunday night and all my roommates are in bed (well except rylie because she never actually sleeps, but shes hibernating in her room) and I'm up... which means its time to blog.

I thought I had the rest of my life planned this week. I am told I need an internship. I know I want to go a remote third-world country. I think I am too young to have a big kid job.

Early last week I found something that would solve all of my worries. A International Development Internship. Its threw BYU so I would have to put off graduation until December, but thats ok because I dont really want to graduate yet and I would graduate with another minor. So I run over to the kennedy center and frantically try to track down someone to talk to about my internship. I meet Andrew. He knows everything about these internships. He explains how I will have to work very hard to get everything in on time but he gave me the contact info of the girl over the Pacific Internships (Fiji is the goal) and tells me its very do-able to get in on time. Our little meeting leaves me feeling higher than a kite and all of a sudden ready for the future. Andrew has saved the day. I say "K bye Andrew thanks so much". Andrew says "No problem Allison, well see ya around".

That was weird. My name isn't Allison. Or sound remotely close to that.
O well.

I email Fiji girl.. she doesn't respond. So after class the next day I figure Ill just drop by the office and see if she is in. She isn't. I'm talking to the secretary about how to find her. I hear " O hey Allison, how are you doing?" Whaaaaaaaaat. "Hey Andrew, good expect I cant find ...." We go to try and find fiji girl. In the meantime we learn that the application deadline for the Fall semester is the next day. Dang it. But everything is ok... Andrew assures me of it. He starts pulling some strings. As he is pulling these strings I meet 4 or 5 people in the international office. All of them think my name is Allison. Each one is more important than the next. And each time it becomes more awkward but more necessary for them to know my real name.

Andrew writes notes with ALLISON... underlines on the top of the page.

The time is approaching for me to provide my email address. which happens to be my name. my real name. I have a few different ways of handling the situation. I settled on telling him that Allison was my middle name and thats what I have gone by since I was little.

The head-honcho of BYU international development happens to come in. By now I have 4 people in the office running around trying to get different papers and crap together for me. He wants to know what the tisy in his office is about. Andrew once again incorrectly introduces me and tell him the situation.

Long story short... I got shut down. Mr big wig told me it was impossible to go.
He was squishing my life dreams so easily and had no idea.
He didn't even know my real name.

I left the office mad, sad... but also a little glad that the awkwardness of the name correction would have brought.

There was one more thing on the to-do list that day. Order a cap and gown for graduation. I went around 5. No one else was there... it was a weird experience. The old people in robes were very helpful... but I really didn't want to be dealing with them.

For some reason the mix of having my perfect plan destroyed and being violently slammed into my future combined into a deadly explosion.

I called my mom... and BYU campus witnessed a Tiffany Allison Smith break down.

I'm over it now. Life is good. We aren't supposed to have the rest of our lives planned out.
And honestly it would be a very boring life if we could.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yay! Tiffany learns to post a picture. K so I hadn't been to California since I was like 13. And it was time. We stayed at a friends house in southern california.... dont worry because my mom called his mom to make sure it was alright.We load up the car and the girls of 201 head south. Rylie and I have a common love for doughnetts. This summer while we were selling they were a daily treat. And we decided to indulge again during our journey. 10 hours in a car with Justin Beber and some crazy things happen. (videos to come soon hopefully).

Half way = Vegas. ( I cant get rid of this dang underline. Im the worst) K so I try hard to like Vegas because everyone else does but I just can't. I have only ever really experienced the strip and I hate the strip. Its a dirty nasty place. Right before this we ran into a scuzy dude dressed as elvis who tried to get 10 bucks from us when we took a picture of him and his pink cadi. But I put on a good front for a little roomy photo op.

We get to James house in Thousand Oaks super late and first thing the next morning get our white little buts to the beach. Super exciting. For the first few seconds the smell of the beach always kind of grosses me out. I get used to it quick. And then I start to love it again. The water was freezing but it was like 80 degrees. Its February. That's hard for a Canadian girl to wrap her head around. It was fantastic.

I did not surf. I posed. But I did boogie board, without a wet suite. Kind of a big deal.

We were there from thursday night until monday morning. It was fast, furious, and fantastic. Most of our time was spent at the beach which is exactly what I wanted. I fell in love with California... and honestly think I would be very content living in Hidden Valley in the home currently owned by the owner of FOX. We drove past it on the way home from church and it actually gave me tingles. It was gorgeous. We were super sad to leave and get back to the midterms that were in Provo waiting for us but it was one of the best memories of the year.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Im a Lucky Duck

Firstly I appolagize for the hidiousness of my page... I dont know how to get rid of the clashing pink banner up yonder. Whatever.
It has been a fabulous week so far. The first weekend of Feb 2010 proved to be one of the best. ever. It was full of activity, a fresh breath of some new friends, and fugitive. I love fugitive, even though it always ends up in Court and I yelling at each other. Our friendship is deeper than to let that get in the way. The Superbowl was a blast as always and I ate too much... as always.
Monday morning as I am getting ready for school I have my lap top beside me... the screen saver is a picture slideshow. I realize that college has been great. When you are in it a lot of the time all you can think about is getting out.. and looking forward to everything else thats around the corner (hopefully). But I know for sure I am going to look back and LOVE this. In the last 4 years I have meet more amazing people and have had more amazing experiences than a lot of people have in a life time. (Im just realizing this is not a list of any sort... and kinda blah, it happens ok).
SO that started the day off good. I walk to school.... decided not to wear a coat... and didnt regret that decision. It was BEAutiful. I get to my "career exploration for international students" class. And some guy from London that went to school at LSU begins to ramble about how hard it is to stay in this country and work once you are done school. Its extreamly difficult. 45 min into the class my bud from Brazil rasises his hand and reminds the class that its really easy if you jsut marry an American. right. I'm dual. I dont care.
SO I check my email. London/LSU man eyes me down. I dont care. I learn I got hired by EFY for the BC position! 6 weeks in Provo and 2 in Calgary. I. am. thrilled. I went from having no plans for the summer... or anything after April 22 2010, to having the oppertunity to do the best plan possible!
My first reaction to everything is to shoot a call northward. I call my wonderful mother to tell her my EFY news... but was kind of scared she would not think it was quite as wonderful as I did. 8 weeks of work for the entire summer... and beyond... is not ideal for a new college grad. But she was so excited for me. She knows I live for EFY, and loves that I do. I brought up my empty schedual in may and june... she says your graduating, your dads turning 50, we all need to just take a break and celebrate. I love my mom. I love her very very much.
At this point I am floating. Joshua Radin's "Everything'll be Alright" comes on. This makes me smile. I rarely smile because of a song when I am by myself. Like that is kind of a big deal... Classes went by quick and painless. Then I got to walk home with a Ukranian. Monday night we went to YoZone... my fav... and I made the best frozen yogurt I have ever had.
Today I only had one class... and it started at noon. Jimmer Ferdette walked me to class. Not really... but I followed him.... closley... all the way to my building. In class we debate the costs and benefits of homeschooling. I sit by cute boy... we make fun of the overlyzealous debaters...the entire class. Court Rylie and I then proceeded to Dennys where we were given a grandslam. yes given. I came home and had a email from "Cintas" Tiffany has a interview Thursday morning. Chances are nothing will come from this except blisters from wearing heels all day. Students who spend their class time mocking the smart students dont seem to be in huge demand in todays labor market, but its a step in the right direction.
In 2 days I am leaving for Cali.
Life is good right now. really really good.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Worst Blogger .....ever

So today I was talking to my Ukranian friend about blogging. He said it was really cool... unless people neglect to ever write. Guilt swept over me for neglecting my page and my two loyal followers. Im going to do better. Starting with a summary of my weekend, because as college students you live for the weekend.
  • Canadian friends came to visit. With puff-wheat squares. I love Canada.
  • Attend Sundance Film Festival... with very high hopes of watching world class athletic events and hooking up with movie stars. Neither happened.
  • Attend the UofU basketball game where I witness a ref passout in the middle of the court, a Cougar get punched out by a Ute, and fell in love. I will marry Jimmer Fredette.
  • Watch my Canadian friends fall in love with my Utah friends
  • Ditch out on a interview with Farm Bureau Insurance. I am not ready for adulthood.
  • Ate at IHop with some of my favorite people. And got some sweet hookups from our girl Yvonne who insisted on bringing out a ridiculous amount of buttermilk pancakes.
  • Go to church and learn that I should be compleatly joyful right now. Not when Im skinny, or married, or rich, or graduated (that one I would never expect...).
  • Have girl talk with some of my top favorite people in the world. All around ice cream and a bowl of bad salsa.
  • Finally saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs... and laughed so hard i snorted when he stepped into the jello house.
  • Purchased 2 pairs of boots I have been wanting since September.
  • After weeks of cravings I finally endulged in some Arbby's Southwestern Egg Rolls. Yum.
  • Gave a insurance claim after running over Jace's Mazda.