Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Little Things

Some days are just really really happy days. And not really for any big reason, I didn't get a job or a winning lotto ticket or a hot husband or a 2010 Denali. BUT it was still a day that makes me happy. List time? yes.

* It was a rare sleep in day! The 9 hours of slumber I got last night might actually be the reason the rest of the day was so pleasant...
* I experimented with canned pears in my oatmeal. SO tasty.
* My WorldTeach application is almost done after a sesh of working on it this morning.
* I found out about like 4 days in the next 2 weeks when I don't have to go to school. Whoop whoop
* After break in Language Ashley brought me a Pumpkin Donut. Timmys Pumpkin treats have made this fall season for me.
* I am going to see my boy Mack teach institute. So proud of him.
* Good ol' teach brought candy today (perhaps the surplus of fatty foods today is what has put me in this mood)
* I honked at someone going up the westside hill. I dont think I have ever given a serious honk before. But he cut me off, there was nothing else to do. It made me feel good. I take after my grandmother.
* I found a popcorn ball Bonnie had left in my car... it sat in the sun all day and was extra soft. (O gosh, it is the fatty foods that got me!)
* I am done school for the week!! Well minus the Vauxhall adventure I will have beginning at 5 am tomorrow....
* Its been Utah weather out there! today was balmy!

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  1. I love these lists they are so fun! I love the grandma comment-I honked at someone yesterday that cut me off. hahaha I miss you tiff!