Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How is it the end of July!!

I almost decided to ignore that I had a blog and never ever write again. There is too much to catch up on and I dont even want to start. But its late... and my new "roommates" are in bed, im not tired... and naturally that means its time to blog. By now I probably have lost the 2 followers I once had and I'm just writing for myself. O well. Soo how to go about all the up dates? a list. of course.

1.) I made it back to Lethbridge safely after a few of my favorite southern kids brought me home. It was so fun to have them here. We did a fury SO AB tour. Its weird to live at home again. yesterday my dad tried imposing a 11 o clock weeknight curfew. Im embarrased to tell anyone. But its been fun to be home, Nicole is a crack up these days. Probably one of the top 5 funnies people I know. Dont tell her that.
2.) As many know I am kind of an EFY-lifer. But this paid off because I got to spend the first 2 weeks of July in the Maritimes. The session was in Sackville New Brunswick-woot. and then I spend a week driving around soaking in the Atlantic life. It was so fun to see such a different part of Canada... it made me love it even more and i met a ton of sweet folk. I leave saturday for 2 more sessions in Calgary.
3.) This may seem too ridiculous to be true. But it is true. Tiffany has met a boy. Weird... I know. Hes fantastic though. I have too much fun with him and hes super duper sweet to me. Yay :)
4.) I LOVE summer. As each one comes I think I love it more. I would be as happy as a clam if I lived where winter didnt exist. Ya not very Canadian of me... but its true.
5.) FINALY..... Haliaka and Sarah came to visit! They werent here for long but it was a blast to show them around what I havent been able to shut up about for 4 years. I love them so much. We went to waterton, the Stampede, Ridding(thank you Nathan), Sea Dooing(thank you Nathan), Floated down the river, and Visited some Huts in East Raymond.
6.) Updates on my quest to be a teacher... I spend June in a Grade 2 Class and loved it. I think if i did do teaching I would want to be in a High School... but those kids were so adorable! So I apply to the U of L teaching program. I apply to the U of A teaching program. The U of L rejects me. The U of A hate talking to me and is super slow. The U of L decides to put my application through again.. I find out Thursday the final decision. If I get it in really will be a miracle. The U of A still wont talk to me....

7.) At the same time I apply for like 5 jobs a day... why does no one want a 21 year old unexperienced Economist!

This was supposed to be in some sort of order.. its not really. Life is going super good. And to my suprise didnt fall apart when I left Provo. But I do miss things down there a lot.. and probably will more when September comes around.


  1. not only met a boy but a cowboy??? Oh tiff your so cute! give me a call when your up here in calgary. We should get together. I miss your face!!

  2. So I just found your blog and don't worry! I will totally be one of your followers. I also have a blog, so send me your e-mail and I'll add you in.

    I'm so glad that things up in Canada are going as well as they are. I'm totally jealous you three got to hang out together. How fun! :) Sorry about the job searching. Job searching is super lame. Hopefully something will come up soon.

    And PS - "the boy" is super cute! I'd love to hear more about him.

  3. i've said it before, but tiffany you are a treasure. just a treasure. i miss you

  4. Hi Tiffany! I found your blog! Hopefully things work out for school and you get into the U of L!!