Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February Wish List

I didn't make a wishlist for Christmas and apparently I am in a needy mood. So here is my delayed wish list.

1- To be in Utah March 4th for Rylies wedding. If I had a demand list I would put this one there. I don't know how I will get there or who I can convince to come with me, but it needs to happen.

2- I would really really like if the Chicken Factory didn't steal my boyfriend everyday from three till midnight. Kind of cramps my style.

3- To follow tradition, I have another outlandish summer adventure planned. I would really like this one to work out. And I would like the $4000 needed to make that happen.

4- The never-ending-death-cold to go away. I have had it forever and I am just sick of feeling crappy.

5- A little bit of warmth. I'm not asking for much here... just stop snowing for a day or two and lets bring up the temperature up to a solid -5 (no wind). This -20 blizzard is starting to get a tad depressing.

Here is my delayed thank-full list from Thanksgiving

1- The daddy daughter date that is my week. Mother and sister are in Utah. Pops and I go to random movies, conduct food experiments, and attend bull auctions. He is a hilarious man.

2- Matt. He surprises me with flowers on my grumpy days and soup on my sick days. 3 months today!

3- Best friends. I have the best in the world.

4- My slow paced life. Its starting to get old... but no school, no work.. I have waited years for this!

5- Pooch aka my sister. I hang out with her more than any other female. Our frequent sleepovers and late night chats have really made me realize what a gem she is.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Its not a walk in the park.

My mom is wise in many areas. One of those areas is random activity-ing. I am sure as a teen she never suggested a movie or bowling. Her idea this weekend- snowshoeing.

It has been something I wanted to try for a long time. I think that is because after 22 years of life I am still searching for a winter sport I love (see previous post).

The idea is casually brought up to Matt. "O we have a bunch of those at my house" Of course you do. Friday night the YSA dance was cut (which I pretend to be upset by, but I'm actually a little relieved) and hunt down the large tub full of snowshoes.

I wanted to leave at 10 sat morning... Waterton trips are supposed to start at like 7 right? Matt says thats kinda early... how about 11. I rudely refuse that offer. It is set 10.

I get a call at 10:02. Waking me up. Maybe 11 was a really good idea.

We pull out of ol' 1202 at 11:30ish. And somehow end up eating Chinese food. So not a Smith thing to do- but Im glad we went with the Lowry way on that one.

We drive up Cameron road. Park. And realize we have no idea whatsoever about how to commence a snowshoeing activity. We strapped um on and started waddling around.

I felt like a pirate... or a bank robber. But that lil beauty is a must when its -30
Will just couldn't get enough of the white stuff.
She had beard envy
And here is when we finally made it to the North Pole. Matt investigates.
By the end of the 4 hour trek we were all 100% parched. Matt walks in the river to try and quench his thirst. Will goes to take a sip. Denied. Here they argue the likelihood of beaver fever. For quite some time.

I am a fan of this winter activity. I know Courtney Merrill is going to judge me for that, she will think everything about this particular adventure is the worst. My butt was less sore than after snowboarding, I feel like I got a good work out, and I could actually soak in some of the gorgeousness!

To those who had to put up with me on the adventure, I apologize for my negative attitude and constant complaints. Apparently thats how I show I am enjoying a winter outing.