Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Love....

Nibs... dad has a secret stash in the storage room and brings me handfuls as I work on homework

The weird thing Tanner did to my computer... it thinks its in the states and I can use Hulu and Pandora

That I am going to Utah tomorrow... and not because Tanner did a weird thing to me that just makes me think I am going to be there

Fall...I usually have bitter feelings towards the season, but it has been warm and beautiful!

Fantastic friends... the ones I could never get sick of

Good music...especially the recently discovered stuff.

Google... I lost my planner last week and was in a state of confusion for 3 days. Then I turned to the previously neglected google calender. I have since fallen in love with all things google

Weekends... and how fast they seem to come these days

A good deal... I will be finding you in this weekend in Happy Valley


  1. Tiffany Smith I love you and your cute posts:) Have fun this weekend hunny!

  2. Wow back in utah eh? Well if you aren't too busy it would be fun to see you, I miss you! We could do one of the cousin lunches/dinners with chan that we used to do. If i don't see you have a good time! And nibs...yummy.