Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yay! Tiffany learns to post a picture. K so I hadn't been to California since I was like 13. And it was time. We stayed at a friends house in southern california.... dont worry because my mom called his mom to make sure it was alright.We load up the car and the girls of 201 head south. Rylie and I have a common love for doughnetts. This summer while we were selling they were a daily treat. And we decided to indulge again during our journey. 10 hours in a car with Justin Beber and some crazy things happen. (videos to come soon hopefully).

Half way = Vegas. ( I cant get rid of this dang underline. Im the worst) K so I try hard to like Vegas because everyone else does but I just can't. I have only ever really experienced the strip and I hate the strip. Its a dirty nasty place. Right before this we ran into a scuzy dude dressed as elvis who tried to get 10 bucks from us when we took a picture of him and his pink cadi. But I put on a good front for a little roomy photo op.

We get to James house in Thousand Oaks super late and first thing the next morning get our white little buts to the beach. Super exciting. For the first few seconds the smell of the beach always kind of grosses me out. I get used to it quick. And then I start to love it again. The water was freezing but it was like 80 degrees. Its February. That's hard for a Canadian girl to wrap her head around. It was fantastic.

I did not surf. I posed. But I did boogie board, without a wet suite. Kind of a big deal.

We were there from thursday night until monday morning. It was fast, furious, and fantastic. Most of our time was spent at the beach which is exactly what I wanted. I fell in love with California... and honestly think I would be very content living in Hidden Valley in the home currently owned by the owner of FOX. We drove past it on the way home from church and it actually gave me tingles. It was gorgeous. We were super sad to leave and get back to the midterms that were in Provo waiting for us but it was one of the best memories of the year.


  1. i stalked all the pictures on facebook and it looks like you guys had SO much fun!!! please blog more.. at least for the next 5 weeks or so... okay?!?

  2. Seriously Tiff you are adorable. I love the jumping photo. And I second the call to blog more... I'm heading back to Boston and will need daily entertainment.

  3. O boy I sure love you both. I do need to blog more... and I do need to stop doing it when I am half asleep. I go back and get embarrassed of myself sometimes... usually. But yes I vow to try and do it more...especially now that my two blogging idols have suggested it.