Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Time Flies... When Your Sick

  1. I am sick. And sick of it. This might be the end of me.
  2. I have applied to U of L, U of C, and U of A for "after degree teaching programs" I have decided Math teaching might be my calling in life.
  3. I have a new favorite song:
  4. The fact that it is the middle of March scares me.
  5. I am going to see Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan on Friday. I love them.
  6. After studying for 2 days and doing really well on my first two finance mid-terms ... today I did terrible on the third.
  7. I have started working with a "Sustain Haiti" project through BYU, I hope to be going in May.
  8. I miss my family very much. But I am counting the days until they come down :) (15)
  9. I got a kick out of some St. Patrick Day participants today. Top hats, Kilts, Bandannas, and Man-shawls were all spotted on BYU campus today.
  10. I have a plan to drive on campus with Haliaka. Its been a few years in the works and we will be executing the adventure any day now.


  1. I'm at school so I only listened to a snippet of that song you posted... but I can already tell that it is something I would most definitely like. Good call.

  2. haha- oh Yes we will be!!! this weekend... ?...:)

  3. uhh i want to drive on campus with ya'll!! and we need to sneak into the stadium as well. hope you get feeling better soon lovely. love you!