Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Smith Land Tour 2013

We have once again made the motherland our home. And have already been here for almost a month, in which time:

~ I have attended 2 pre-natal classes with my mother
~ I have spent 7 hours in doctors offices
~ I have dad to have my father save me from a spider 3 times
~ I have said goodbye to Matt 4 times, each time with more waterworks than the last
~ I have got asked by a homeless man downtown if I "had any extra skates" he could have. Skates?
~ I have planted countless vegetables in the back yard
~ I have not seen any form of life from any of those seeds mentioned above
~ I have become addicted to Dragons Den and Judge Judy
~ Mom and I have tested out a water aerobics class... and have not returned
~ I have been forced to pack up every childhood memory I have and compact them into a few "bins". Which were then dropped off at "the barn". This gives me anxiety.
~ We have substituted for a primary class, with a little girl who insisted on making chicken noises for most of it

I have had a ton of fun with mom and dad during the weekdays. I thought there would be more "downtime", but we have been busy with all sorts of self-induced projects/activities. I live for Fridays when Matt comes home and even though out weekends have mostly been full of "to-do" lists I love them so much.

For the May long weekend we didn't really have any plans, but it ended up being a glorious few days. Matt got off work early on Friday and was here that morning :) We ran some errands, he took me to work, and then we went to a matinee. Any day where a matinee is possible, is a good day.

Saturday afternoon we headed out to "The Land" with mom and dad. And Matt finally got to meet the majority of the Smith homestead. After the tour we headed to Waterton. We got a delish hotdog, saw some rams, and a bear and called 'er a day.

Matts dad let me borrow his camera for the summer (mostly because Matt started thinking I needed to learn to take pictures once he heard all the plans I had for pictures of the babe. And I love taking pictures). Here are a few from that day.... mostly taken by Matt. Ironic.

Home on the Range

Checking out his dandelions

Cute Parents of mine

Pops needs his treats

"Shooting Stars" His favorite flower. This one cracks me up.

SOOOO many wild sunflowers. It was gorge.

Such a happy hubs

Dad throwing dirt clumps at mother. An old pioneer game?

She just couldn't get enough of the things

Stanky flower
Im big.

Another terribly hick game...

Sunday we had a BBQ at Matts house with a bunch of his family, and then played a wild game of Poleconomy. I got second. Not bad if you know how Lowrys play their games... but I want a rematch.

Monday Matt and I sat on the couch all dang day and worked on Dental School applications. Yawn.

Now for the baby update.
I went to the Dr yesterday and he showed me where here little butt was sticking out. Cute. I kept feeling for it all day. She isn't moving enough to keep me awake, but a lot more than she used to. Somedays she gets in a weird little position and I walk around with a lopsided belly. This is my last second trimester week- WHAT! Im really not sure how that happened. But I have been feeling so good. Even the back ache I had for months has gone away. I feel like I shouldn't have said that.... I probably jinxed things.