Thursday, April 15, 2010

Time is Sprinting

My theme of April 2010- Life goes by fast. Very very fast. Enjoy every moment.

Nothing stands between me and a degree but a few finals. I am usually very bitter by this time of year and feeling angry towards my tests. But not this year. I feel like I could spend the next 3 or 4 months studying for them and that would be ok as long as I could continue living in my bedroom at the end of the hall in 201. BUT no such luck.

I had a blast with my family here for conference. We got a extra ticket for both sessions we went too. It was a great Smith Family Memory.Nicole came to class with me a few times which I love. Its surprising to a lot of people that we are as close as we are and 4 years apart. I'm relatively immature and she is more mature than her age gives her credit for. It works out really nice. We saw a man in a gorilla suite get arrested on campus. That was neat.
My mom brought down all of our childhood home videos to but them on DVDs... we spent all night one of the nights watching them. It was hilarious... and kind of sad. Sometimes I wish we could rewind a bit back to a when I had inch-thick bangs that started at the middle of my head, and Nicole couldn't say her R's.

Haiti. I was ready to go, had my parents 95% of the way talked into it and was getting all sorts of excited. I called my health insurance last week and they said I cant go because the Embassy in Haiti says it is too dangerous for me. REALLY? how are all those other people there? nope, no Tiffany Smith. I have continued to work on it and try to get insurance from anywhere I can.. but it looks like Haiti may be added to Tiffany's List of Failed Plans 2010 Edition. (Along with Provo EFY which has officially been ripped from my grasp).

Haliaka and I drove on campus last night. One huge check mark on our list of things to accomplish at BYU. It was just as glorious as I have been dreaming it would be for the last 4 years. We went to Sammys and got real pie-shakes and sat at the bar for a long time. I loved it.

Before I know it I will be back in Southern Alberta and that is kind of scary. I have been blessed with fantastic friends and oppertunities in Utah. 4 years ago I hated this place. And now I dread leaving it. Weird how that happens. For the last 2 days I have brought my camera everywhere with me, every review session, library visit, lunch with friends, and class.... just in case. I want to soak it all up.

Its an exciting time with all sorts of change. The scary is kind of hiding the exciting though.


  1. Ohhh Tiffy! This makes me sad and happy at the same time! I'm really excited for you to come home, but it makes me sad that you are going to miss Utah! I wish you luck in all your exams and I can't wait to hang out in the summer. Love you!

  2. ah tiff i love your blog. i can just hear you saying the words. i mean REALLY?! haha. i'm going to miss you alot!! but i can't wait for our canadian adventure! love you!