Thursday, July 14, 2011


I had last saturday off work. Yay, sleep in! No, not sleep in. I hear mother coming down to my room... she opens the door and says "wake up were going to Jellystone!" and walks out of my room. Understandably confused I yell "WHAAAAT is Jellystone". "It's where Yogi Bear lives" and then she runs upstairs. O, right. Of course, Yogi Bear.

Once I came to my partial senses I knew were were headed to Montana for a Smith Family Hike. Mother loves Glacier, smith family hikes... and mostly the huckleberry ice cream.

It just isn't summer in Southern Alberta until you have been on a hike.
We went down to Glacier last weekend for a hike mother described as a "quick 20 min walk around the lake". 3 hours later it occurred to me I have never been told the truth about a looming hike. But it was a good time.

Smith girls in a lake.

Is that a bear? No no its pops. Cooling himself in a swampy stream. "This is what we did on the farm"

I might have been misled about the a adventure I was taken on... and my father might have ate all of his lunch by the time we were 10 min in - and then started eyeing ours...and we probably bought all the huckleberry ice cream in the park (making for some disappointed non-smith children)... and Nicole and I likely bickered in the backseat for an hour while we waited at the boarder... but overall a successful trip to America.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Matt started back at the chicken factory today. Which is a happy thing. A summer job is kind of an important thing for both of us this year. Downside... I work 9 am - 4 pm, Fiance works 3pm - 12am. The only window of hangout time is a bit on the undesirable side.

I think to myself its ok... its only for 47 (47!!!!) days. And then we will be married and see each other all of the time.

O. Wait. No... we will not. He will be working to get smart like Einstein and I will be working to get rich like Bill Gates.

So I decide this is probably how life is going to be for about the next 45 years.

I guess it makes those little windows of hangout time all the more precious.

For now... I return to listening to our wedding playlist and looking at our pictures. I wish that could pass for only slightly pathetic.