Monday, January 20, 2014

November 2013

Sorry this is out of order. I just found this draft from November, and it made me feel a little bit better about not posting anything for months.

Brylin just turned 2 months old and I feel like we are just starting to get into some sort of rhythm. Im not sure how some moms go back to work or school after only a few weeks off. I have loved these last 2 months, and they have flown by- but easy would not be a way to describe them. There is a lot to get used to and learn when your helping a tiny little human get used to their new life. And apparently not a lot of sleep to aid in the process. 

Pre-Brylin the lack of sleep alone would be more than I could handle. Add in the crys I cant figure out, the spit throw-ups all over both of us (once at midnight at the airport after dropping Matt off), and the blowouts up to her shoulder blades- and on paper, I should not be able to deal with all of this.
But turns out being a mom is the best job ever. Apparently when you love a babe this hard, their body fluids and loud decibels aren't all that offensive.
The slow and steady transition to motherhood has changed my life in so many ways. Before Brylin I never had a day where I was too busy to shower. My occasional opting out of the event was by choice. Not anymore. Also never before has a shower felt like a mini vacation. 
I have never been so scared of time going to fast, or not remembering of somehow capturing every little detail of what happens in a day. Its actually quite ridiculous. I spend far too much time planning how I am going to remember everything that happens 30 years down the road. I am trying to live more "in the moment". While still getting some great pictures/journaling in ;)
I have never had any type of work "pay off" as much as my days with my baby. Its crazy how you can feel so much love and such a connection to a person who isn't even sure who I am sometimes.

This one time we captured Brylins first "real" smile. I have probably looked at this picture over 20 times in the last few weeks, and get a huge smile every time I do.

Matts dad was quick on the draw and captured this little face.

Hello 2014

We are down to only a few months before Matt graduates from BYU! Yay! Last semester was a very busy one. Matt had a tough semester anyway, but throw a few interviews on top of that each month and it was crazy! Brylin and I drove made the airport drive over 10 times in just 4 months! We have had so much fun learning about our little girl and how to take care of her over the last 5 months! (Seriously, 5 months?! Time slow down- PLEASE).

So the quick catchup of the craziest 5 months of our lives...

Brylin was blessed the middle of October. We were originally going to bless her in November, during thanksgiving, in Lethbridge. But then decided not to go home until Christmas. We were lucky to have a lot of our family there.

I have had an issue with taking a TON of pictures of the babe since the moment she was born. And then she started to smile (at about 6 weeks) and I couldn't put my camera down. My favorite thing in the entire world these days is hearing that little baby giggle.

Mr Lowry had a dental school interview at UNLV at the end of November. I was pumped. Mostly because I got to go to that interview and it was in Vegas! We needed a few days together, without any school, so bad. It was heaven.

Turns out The Strip isn't exactly baby friendly. I asked the info desk lady at Caesars Palace if there was a mothers lounge anywhere in the building. I knew it was probably a stretch but I had to ask just incase. The lady couldn't even keep a straight face. No. No mothers lounge there.

Once again we braved the crowds and went to the lights at Temple Square. Us and every other person in Utah. But the weather was perfect and it would be the last year we had the chance.. so we couldn't resist.

Christmas was already more fun with a babe... and she had no idea what was happening. I cant wait until Christmas with her next year!

Christmas was kind of different this year. Mostly because Nicole wasn't home (but she told us she should make it home in time for Christmas next year!!! She better not just be getting our hopes up). But we had such a fun time at home with our families and showing off our little babe.

We made gingerbread boys with my parents and then on Christmas Eve delivered them to some lovely elderly ladies we have known for a very long time. 

Then we headed to the Lowrys for the traditional Chinese dinner (YUM).

I wanted to have a Nativity so bad, and it happened! Brylin played the part of baby Jesus wonderfully. Mostly because there was a football game muted on the TV and she was mesmerized.  I had the giggles the entire time. Little kid Nativities are my favorite thing ever.

Brylin gave Grandpa a candygram for Christmas, featuring "American" chocolate.

Grandma gave Brylin her first doll for Christmas. She is already part of the family.

We got to talk to Sister Smith Christmas evening. It was so fun. And super hard to say goodbye. She is doing so well and working really hard in Carson City.

While we were home Brylin decided to start hating sleep. One of our attempts to change the childs mind was rice cereal. 

We were surprised to see how much she loved it.

They are buds

It looks like we are going to have a thumb sucker... she spit out her binkie to get a taste of that little digit.

We thought Matt was done with interviews. We paid our deposit to the University of Pittsburgh. And then the University of the Pacific called. And we bought tickets to San Francisco for the middle of January.
This was on the flight. That bag of popcorn entertained the babe for at least 1/2 the flight.

The morning of Matts interview we went out for breakfast.

We spent most of the day on Friday looking for apartments... just incase. It was depressing. That night our friends had us over for dinner and games. Saturday they showed us around the city. The weather was perfect and we saw some beautiful sights. And made the rental prices we found out about on Friday kind of worth it. Kind of.

Full house anyone?

Brylin was introduced to the ocean

When we got home yesterday Brylin was having some tummy time and decided she might be happier if she was mobile. And then she pushed herself up onto all 4s. No crawling yet... but I think its just a matter of days. Also.. this super cute outfit she is wearing? Thats what happens when dad dresses her. "What? red and white, and red and white. It matches no?"