Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good or Bad news first?

Good News
  • My family is coming Friday and staying for over a week :)
  • We have conference tickets to 3 sessions!
  • All applications for the Teaching grad program are DONE.
  • There are only 3 weeks of school left.
  • I have a ton of friends coming down to Utah this weekend. I love visitors.
  • The finance test I thought I failed... I actually got a 93. That never happens to me.
  • Its my dad's 50th birthday while they are down. I haven't been with him on his birthday for 3 years.
  • I am working on a development project with "Sustain Haiti" and things are starting to come together. The first crew will be on the ground in a month.
  • Tickets have been bought to go to "Stadium of Fire" with Carry Underwood
  • I went to the Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan concert. I won backstage passes to meet Luke. I freaked.
  • I have been going through my room and throwing a ton of stuff away. It feels good to clear stuff out.
  • There is only one more FHE left that I am in charge of. I am about out of ideas.
  • I have run into Jimmer at least once a week for the last month an a half. Today it was a very close encounter. Hes probably following me hey?

Bad News
  • For all 3 conference sessions we only have 3 tickets.
  • There are issues with my American EFY paper work.
  • I do not have a back up plan if EFY doesn't work.
  • There are only 3 weeks of school left.
  • I have pink eye.
  • Rylie and Courtney are going to return home this weekend with tans worthy of envy.
  • I need to scrounge up $2000 to go to Haiti.
  • I just got a stack of 25 grad notices to mail out.
  • After almost a week of gorgeous spring weather I was hit by a snowflake or two today. Stop playing with my heart.
  • I have started packing.. which means the end is near.
  • My Ipod has been out of commission for about a month, my computer is on its death bed, and Dug (my car) is showing signs of illness.
  • I have a term paper looming. Topic: Canada's Economic History. Maybe my dad will assist in the process this weekend...

None of the bad news is really that BAD. I have a lot to be grateful for and some fun adventures to look forward to.

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