Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Thoughts Inside My Head

Blog time!! School as came in and taken over my life. Well thats a lie. But if I want to fit in a social life and school there is little time left for anything else. Which I like. Except that I dont get to Blog... or creep on other peoples Blogs as much.

My mom asked me how life is going the other day. (Not on the phone like is usually done at the beginning of the year). I said it was really good. And it is. Lethbridge is treating my quite nicely.

Things are good here.. but very different than Utah life.

Is it time for another list? I think so.

So here are the new happenings/feelings/random Tiffany thoughts:

  1. After 6 months of living like a Hutterite I have a ipod! I got the brand new itouch and I love it so much. I also got a new laptop because mine crocked. It lasted me all 4 years at BYU... shout out to ol' Gateway.

  2. A man from Arkansas called me today. Bentonville actually. From the headquarters of WalMart. I had applied for a Merchindising Leadership Intern position about 6 months ago. He wanted to set up an interview for Thursday.... in the Tanner Building... at BYU. Makes things a bit tricky. But he is going to contact me and set up a internet interview soon. Exciting... but weird. In my head I am now a teacher.

  3. O yes. I am a teacher. I have 2, 3 hour classes Monday- Thursday. Its busy, and a weird kind of school but I like it. I have already made some great friends in the program.

  4. I have a play date with my school friends on Thursday. I haven't had one of those in like 10 years.

  5. I went to my first "Ball" last weekend. A 50's Themed Fall Ball actually.

  6. My In-class Practicum is Nov 15- Dec 16. I might stay in Leth... but could be moving to Vauxhall, Mountian View (my fingers are crossed), High River ect.... I find out this week where they are plopping me. Scary.

  7. I wrote an " I am" poem for school today


Indecisive, Adventurous, Young, and Moving

Sibling of Nicole Lee

Lover of Economics, Kids, and Third-World Countires

Who feels Cold, Motivated, and Tired

Who needs Friends, Peanut Butter, and Laughter

Who gives Hugs, Advice, and Winks

Who fears Fish, Dirty Bathrooms, and Haunted Houses

Who would like to see Every Country int he World, a Blue Whale, and My Future

Resident of LEthbridge, Great Lakes Place


8. I am not a Poet

9. Ideas of Education Policy have taken over my life. Waiting for Superman came out on the East Coast last weekend. I cant wait to see it!!


  1. TIFFANY K SMITH! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH THIS MAKE MY HEART BURN WITH LOVE FOR YOUR SEXY SELF! I'm so glad we have been friends practically forever. I really do want to play soon!!<3 Your BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Yea Michelle Rhee is like my homegirl!! i can't wait to see this flick... it is my life. a life I love. glad to hear things are good.

  3. ps this is haliaka not cristina...cristina is my roomate and while I know you two would love each other you are clearly not at the comment on each others wall stage of frienship yet. I blame the song that plays on your blog for the mistake. yes it's a cool song. but tying a comment or reading a blog while listening to the song is difficult for the simple minded like myself

  4. I like the comment about your sexy self. So I say you take your sexy self, and come see me in Flo Rida!