Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yay! Tiffany learns to post a picture. K so I hadn't been to California since I was like 13. And it was time. We stayed at a friends house in southern california.... dont worry because my mom called his mom to make sure it was alright.We load up the car and the girls of 201 head south. Rylie and I have a common love for doughnetts. This summer while we were selling they were a daily treat. And we decided to indulge again during our journey. 10 hours in a car with Justin Beber and some crazy things happen. (videos to come soon hopefully).

Half way = Vegas. ( I cant get rid of this dang underline. Im the worst) K so I try hard to like Vegas because everyone else does but I just can't. I have only ever really experienced the strip and I hate the strip. Its a dirty nasty place. Right before this we ran into a scuzy dude dressed as elvis who tried to get 10 bucks from us when we took a picture of him and his pink cadi. But I put on a good front for a little roomy photo op.

We get to James house in Thousand Oaks super late and first thing the next morning get our white little buts to the beach. Super exciting. For the first few seconds the smell of the beach always kind of grosses me out. I get used to it quick. And then I start to love it again. The water was freezing but it was like 80 degrees. Its February. That's hard for a Canadian girl to wrap her head around. It was fantastic.

I did not surf. I posed. But I did boogie board, without a wet suite. Kind of a big deal.

We were there from thursday night until monday morning. It was fast, furious, and fantastic. Most of our time was spent at the beach which is exactly what I wanted. I fell in love with California... and honestly think I would be very content living in Hidden Valley in the home currently owned by the owner of FOX. We drove past it on the way home from church and it actually gave me tingles. It was gorgeous. We were super sad to leave and get back to the midterms that were in Provo waiting for us but it was one of the best memories of the year.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Im a Lucky Duck

Firstly I appolagize for the hidiousness of my page... I dont know how to get rid of the clashing pink banner up yonder. Whatever.
It has been a fabulous week so far. The first weekend of Feb 2010 proved to be one of the best. ever. It was full of activity, a fresh breath of some new friends, and fugitive. I love fugitive, even though it always ends up in Court and I yelling at each other. Our friendship is deeper than to let that get in the way. The Superbowl was a blast as always and I ate too much... as always.
Monday morning as I am getting ready for school I have my lap top beside me... the screen saver is a picture slideshow. I realize that college has been great. When you are in it a lot of the time all you can think about is getting out.. and looking forward to everything else thats around the corner (hopefully). But I know for sure I am going to look back and LOVE this. In the last 4 years I have meet more amazing people and have had more amazing experiences than a lot of people have in a life time. (Im just realizing this is not a list of any sort... and kinda blah, it happens ok).
SO that started the day off good. I walk to school.... decided not to wear a coat... and didnt regret that decision. It was BEAutiful. I get to my "career exploration for international students" class. And some guy from London that went to school at LSU begins to ramble about how hard it is to stay in this country and work once you are done school. Its extreamly difficult. 45 min into the class my bud from Brazil rasises his hand and reminds the class that its really easy if you jsut marry an American. right. I'm dual. I dont care.
SO I check my email. London/LSU man eyes me down. I dont care. I learn I got hired by EFY for the BC position! 6 weeks in Provo and 2 in Calgary. I. am. thrilled. I went from having no plans for the summer... or anything after April 22 2010, to having the oppertunity to do the best plan possible!
My first reaction to everything is to shoot a call northward. I call my wonderful mother to tell her my EFY news... but was kind of scared she would not think it was quite as wonderful as I did. 8 weeks of work for the entire summer... and beyond... is not ideal for a new college grad. But she was so excited for me. She knows I live for EFY, and loves that I do. I brought up my empty schedual in may and june... she says your graduating, your dads turning 50, we all need to just take a break and celebrate. I love my mom. I love her very very much.
At this point I am floating. Joshua Radin's "Everything'll be Alright" comes on. This makes me smile. I rarely smile because of a song when I am by myself. Like that is kind of a big deal... Classes went by quick and painless. Then I got to walk home with a Ukranian. Monday night we went to YoZone... my fav... and I made the best frozen yogurt I have ever had.
Today I only had one class... and it started at noon. Jimmer Ferdette walked me to class. Not really... but I followed him.... closley... all the way to my building. In class we debate the costs and benefits of homeschooling. I sit by cute boy... we make fun of the overlyzealous debaters...the entire class. Court Rylie and I then proceeded to Dennys where we were given a grandslam. yes given. I came home and had a email from "Cintas" Tiffany has a interview Thursday morning. Chances are nothing will come from this except blisters from wearing heels all day. Students who spend their class time mocking the smart students dont seem to be in huge demand in todays labor market, but its a step in the right direction.
In 2 days I am leaving for Cali.
Life is good right now. really really good.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Worst Blogger .....ever

So today I was talking to my Ukranian friend about blogging. He said it was really cool... unless people neglect to ever write. Guilt swept over me for neglecting my page and my two loyal followers. Im going to do better. Starting with a summary of my weekend, because as college students you live for the weekend.
  • Canadian friends came to visit. With puff-wheat squares. I love Canada.
  • Attend Sundance Film Festival... with very high hopes of watching world class athletic events and hooking up with movie stars. Neither happened.
  • Attend the UofU basketball game where I witness a ref passout in the middle of the court, a Cougar get punched out by a Ute, and fell in love. I will marry Jimmer Fredette.
  • Watch my Canadian friends fall in love with my Utah friends
  • Ditch out on a interview with Farm Bureau Insurance. I am not ready for adulthood.
  • Ate at IHop with some of my favorite people. And got some sweet hookups from our girl Yvonne who insisted on bringing out a ridiculous amount of buttermilk pancakes.
  • Go to church and learn that I should be compleatly joyful right now. Not when Im skinny, or married, or rich, or graduated (that one I would never expect...).
  • Have girl talk with some of my top favorite people in the world. All around ice cream and a bowl of bad salsa.
  • Finally saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs... and laughed so hard i snorted when he stepped into the jello house.
  • Purchased 2 pairs of boots I have been wanting since September.
  • After weeks of cravings I finally endulged in some Arbby's Southwestern Egg Rolls. Yum.
  • Gave a insurance claim after running over Jace's Mazda.