Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Good ol' Days

Just a little Christmas Music-video flashback.

Farewell Sweet Vauxhall

Today was my last day with my precious little Vauxhall children.

Yes I realize that anyone who talks to me on a regular basis has heard me complain about V-Town way too much. I apologize. I meant it at the time. With my whole heart. But apparently I kind of liked it a little bit.

Actually a lot a bit. Especially the kidlets.

Leaving today was a sad thing... I got some hugs, Tupperware, some dish soap, and a few "I'll miss you times a billions".

Anyway its over.

Follow Through.

Mean Teacher.

I gave them gloves for Christmas... how precious are they!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Todays Adventure.

My dad wakes up early every morning so I have some company before I head off to Vauxhell. Every morning he goes outside and turns on my car 15 min before I leave so it is nice and toasty when I leave. He also always gives me a few good chuckles before I leave. How lucky am I?

Anyways... Today I was complaining as I headed out the door and dad says "O you love it, every day is an adventure".

And its true. Everyday I come home with some pretty hilarious stories. At least I think they are hilarious.

So I head towards to Tim Hortons where I meet my carpool pal. 43rd looks like University Parkway after a BYU game. I live in Lethbridge, this is not normal. I analyze the situation and discover a train PARKED right in the middle of my route. I feel like parking a trail on a main road at 7am is not smart. I take after my mother and don't have very much patience as soon as I do up my seatbelt.

I think I am super smart, turn around, and zip through residential areas to not be late for my carpool pal. I am turning the corner on to my alternate highway..... and see flashing lights. Warning me that a train is coming. Are you kidding me! It was still a good 10 meters from the road.. and I would have jsut gone if the car in front of me wasnt such a baby and stopped.

So I wait for this train to move in front of us... thinking how stupid am I? I would be there by now if I had just waited the first time around. I am rockin out to 95.5 and trying to not think about what an idiot I am. I see the end of the train... 10 min later. This might not seem like a lot. But when you wake up at 5:50 every day you run a tight ship. not one minute to spare.

3rd car from the end of the train. and it stops. stops dead. no movement at all.

5 min later

Train kicks er into reverse. This is not real life is it? I then wait another 10 min and see every train car pass by me again.

If we have to park a train on the highway lets at least make sure we are heading the right way, no?

First conversation as I get to into the classroom
"Miss. Smith did you just get glasses?"
"Nope, I have had them for a while, I just usually wear contacts."
"O... cause you look really weird with glasses"

Pops is right... everyday is an adventure. And I feel weird saying it... but I am loving my Vaxhall adventures more and more everyday.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Was the day from hell. I wouldn't be mad if I never saw "Welcome to Vauxhall" ever again.