Monday, March 8, 2010


Its late sunday night and all my roommates are in bed (well except rylie because she never actually sleeps, but shes hibernating in her room) and I'm up... which means its time to blog.

I thought I had the rest of my life planned this week. I am told I need an internship. I know I want to go a remote third-world country. I think I am too young to have a big kid job.

Early last week I found something that would solve all of my worries. A International Development Internship. Its threw BYU so I would have to put off graduation until December, but thats ok because I dont really want to graduate yet and I would graduate with another minor. So I run over to the kennedy center and frantically try to track down someone to talk to about my internship. I meet Andrew. He knows everything about these internships. He explains how I will have to work very hard to get everything in on time but he gave me the contact info of the girl over the Pacific Internships (Fiji is the goal) and tells me its very do-able to get in on time. Our little meeting leaves me feeling higher than a kite and all of a sudden ready for the future. Andrew has saved the day. I say "K bye Andrew thanks so much". Andrew says "No problem Allison, well see ya around".

That was weird. My name isn't Allison. Or sound remotely close to that.
O well.

I email Fiji girl.. she doesn't respond. So after class the next day I figure Ill just drop by the office and see if she is in. She isn't. I'm talking to the secretary about how to find her. I hear " O hey Allison, how are you doing?" Whaaaaaaaaat. "Hey Andrew, good expect I cant find ...." We go to try and find fiji girl. In the meantime we learn that the application deadline for the Fall semester is the next day. Dang it. But everything is ok... Andrew assures me of it. He starts pulling some strings. As he is pulling these strings I meet 4 or 5 people in the international office. All of them think my name is Allison. Each one is more important than the next. And each time it becomes more awkward but more necessary for them to know my real name.

Andrew writes notes with ALLISON... underlines on the top of the page.

The time is approaching for me to provide my email address. which happens to be my name. my real name. I have a few different ways of handling the situation. I settled on telling him that Allison was my middle name and thats what I have gone by since I was little.

The head-honcho of BYU international development happens to come in. By now I have 4 people in the office running around trying to get different papers and crap together for me. He wants to know what the tisy in his office is about. Andrew once again incorrectly introduces me and tell him the situation.

Long story short... I got shut down. Mr big wig told me it was impossible to go.
He was squishing my life dreams so easily and had no idea.
He didn't even know my real name.

I left the office mad, sad... but also a little glad that the awkwardness of the name correction would have brought.

There was one more thing on the to-do list that day. Order a cap and gown for graduation. I went around 5. No one else was there... it was a weird experience. The old people in robes were very helpful... but I really didn't want to be dealing with them.

For some reason the mix of having my perfect plan destroyed and being violently slammed into my future combined into a deadly explosion.

I called my mom... and BYU campus witnessed a Tiffany Allison Smith break down.

I'm over it now. Life is good. We aren't supposed to have the rest of our lives planned out.
And honestly it would be a very boring life if we could.


  1. So I really like your blog. very entertaining as I sit here at work. Fiji, that sounds wonderful, bummer that didn't work out. So you will be graduating in April?? Crazy...we need to get together again, it's a new month. cousin love

  2. aw tiff. that is a major bummer. i'm sure something else will work out. but that is hilarious that everyone was calling you alison. hahaha. so so funny.