Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Temporary Return.

So this one time Matt Lowry purposed to me. And then he left the country.

The last 3 weeks have been weird. I spend all day planning a wedding and never see a finace. I started to feel like maybe I had made the whole thing up. (And some nice man had agreed to play along and talk to me on the phone for hours.)

Somehow work and life and everything worked out so I have been able to be in Utah all this week. Matt came home last Friday for Maikal and Brittneys wedding. Which was fantastic. I hoped in the Lowry mobile Sunday morning and came back to Utah with them. My mom and sister get here Wed night to start Wedding Dress shopping!!! Weird. Exciting. Trying not to be too picky.

Its so werid being in Provo and not having one thing I HAVE to do. I met Matt on campus yesterday and walking around by myself I kept feeling like I needed to go do a derivative or write a paper. I didnt. But Matt has enough homework for both of us. He is super busy with school. Yesterday we sat in the library and both read. He read Bio text books and I read Bridal magazines. Poor boy.

My mother sent me with a hefty Utah to-do list. A car is required for most of the do's. Matts car is a standard... Tiffany does not drive a standard. Until now. On University. Stalling in the middle of intersections. More than once. BY MYSELF. I think I will be walking from now on.
He once again showed his superior teaching and patient skills. But this pupil needs a heck of a lot more practice.

Matt is in a Marriage and Family class so I went with him last night. Some how we got voluntold for a demonstration infront of the entire class. O Hi, Im not actually a student here. The class was on communication and we were to give examples of validation. So we stand infront of strangers and compliment eachother. Kind of akward. But it was cute. Matt made all the girls "AWWWWWW". Ya. Hes mine.

This week has already been amazing. I love going around and doing the silly little things with Matt. How he makes every little task a fun adventure, I am not sure.

But it makes me super excited for life with him.