Monday, November 8, 2010

6 days away from Miss Smith

S- suspense. how long can a person wait for something with such short term life effects.
T- teacher face. I have a giggle issue, not acceptable while executing "teacher face"
U- unknown: people, expectations, subjects
D- driving. 2 hr 15 min. Daily. Thats a hefty commute.
E- early mornings that await... we usually don't see eye to eye.
N- names. a class of 18, 10 kids with the same name as someone else in the class
T- tiffany. the word I will try to hide for the next month

T- tim hortons. I will see too many on that hefty commute. (4)
E- egg.I once used a hard boiled one in a super engaging helmet safety class.(E is hard)
A- awol. what I will be socially once this adventure begins.
C- coughing. Elementary school in the winter = cesspool of germs. flu shot?
H- humor. I am counting on you getting me through the next few weeks.
I- ironic.I used Vauxhall as my "I could go to.." example before it was my reality.
N- newby. thats me.
G- german class every Friday. gl├╝cklig.