Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring time is the best time

Im not sure I really understood the happiness that is Spring until I moved to Utah. Southern Alberta has a weird little rainy season that some call spring... I learned that giving it that title is a terrible lie. Things at work are stupid busy these days as we are trying to get all of the stupid sells reps out to their stupid offices for the summer. But there are some little tid bits of life I have been wanting to document.

Saturday, March 31

General Conference weekend is ALWAYS a good one. Lots of church... but amazing church.. and always lots of people :)
Actually Saturday morning started out on a very sad note. Matt was off at his 8:30 choir practice (cute right?) and I was trying to get myself to get up and get ready for the day. My Aunt Sharels husband called to tell me that she was in the hospital up in Sandy after a surgery to try to take a tumor out of her lungs. I love my Aunt Sharel SO much- she reminds me of my Grandma Smith a lot. Matt, Nicole, and I went to Sunday Dinner at her house a few months ago and the entire way home we all gushed about how amazing she is and how we need to go up and see her more often. I was sad and scared and didnt know how to help when I got the call. Matt came home from choir and I told him what happened and he said that we should go up and visit her that afternoon. So after watching the morning session of Conference I got ready quick and we went to the hospital to visit her and drop of some flowers. It was a quick visit-- who really wants to be seen after they have been through that kind of thing? No Smith that I know, thats for sure. Even though she was weak and tired she was just as sweet that kind as always. Another common Smith trait is a intense HATE for hospitals- I have have inherited this 100%.

We were already in Sandy, so we decided to continue north and go to temple square. We listened to the afternoon session on our way. They were playing the session over the loud speakers and there were thousands of people everywhere. We sat out on the grass between the tabernacle and the north visitors center and listened.... and moved around a lot. Matt didnt want to sit in the sun- too hot. Hi, were Canadian. We think we saw one of the guys that takes pictures of the Ensign... and we are about 80% sure that we are in the background of one of the pictures they are going to use. 

After the session we headed over to the new City Creek Center. Not an original idea. There were so many white shirts and skirts crammed between the shops. I will need to go back there- it seemed like some prime shopping. Now I just need some prime money.

It was SUCH a nice day. How can you not love spring?

Matt drove us back to Provo... and I slept. He headed to Priesthood session and I decided it was time to write in my journal about our wedding. Yes thats right- the end of March and I had still not put down a word about our wedding. Well, thats not true, I had started at least 10 times... and something always come up. Matt and I have less than average memories and when I thought about the little details I probably already had forgotten it hurt my heart. 

That night we had a few visitors come and stay with us.

Josh, Nathaniel, and Brandon came and stayed with us Sat night. We have 2 Queen size blow up beds... and one small living room. Matt and I were all sorts of excited to finally have some visitors and set up both beds... and created one giant bed room. It was pretty sweet.

Sunday, April 1

Matt talked to his Dad for a while Sunday morning.. who told Matt that as a April fools prank he told his mom that it had snowed 2 ft outside. Matt liked this idea and after he got off the phone ran into the living room and yelled that it had snowed 2 feet, and that everyone had to wake up and go look. The only obedient one was Josh... mostly because he had to go to the bathroom I think. Matt blocked the poor guy from the bathroom and pushed him up the stairs. Of course, not snow. And on the way up Josh stubbed his toe and it immediately it turned black and blue. It looked so sore. Brothers operate in a very different way from sisters.

Sunday morning we made chocolate chip pancakes with flax and green food coloring. A lame attempt at an April Fools joke I guess... but none of them cared.

That evening we went to my Aunt Heidis house for a Birthday Dinner for granny. The food and company was fabulous.

Then we walked across the street and visited Matts Aunt Paula and her family. Yes, they live across the street from each other, how convenient. They are a hilarious crew and always have us laughing they whole time we are there.

Thursday, April 5th

I had been feeling myself getting sick since Conference and by Thursday I was in rough shape. I had 100 things to do at work so I still went it. At 3 we had a meeting, and after bossman sent me home, claiming I look stoned. I came home and had the most wonderful of naps. Matt came home from school a bit later and went and got me some drugs. We then spent hours playing Words with Friends. And giggling. Like school children. I blame it on the cold medicine. And have no excuse for my husband.

Saturday, April 7th

After Matts Choir practice we meet Nicole at the Bridal Fair. Every 6 months there is a huge bridal fair at Provo High... with an insane amount of free things. Quality free things. Last time they had one Matt and I went and made up a fictional wedding date.... we had our story down. This time the 3 of us decided to go for a more honest approach. But were not well rewarded... One photographer gave Matt a price sheet... and then asked who was getting married. We replied that none of us were, and he was done talking to us... and almost went to take his little paper right back. A little awkward, it didnt last long, but we did get some tasty cake and crepes. 

That afternoon Matt and I went to the BYU UofU rugby game. SOO good. Like amazing. And while we were standing outside  a man came and gave us tickets for free. Bonus!

Sunday, April 8th
Happy Birthday to Pops! It makes me sad when cant be with the parents on holidays. AND Easter... double whammy.
But it was a good day. After church Nicole came over.... and had a easter egg hunt waiting for her. We got to play the Easter Bunny... and poor Nicole had to play along with our silliness. Matt and I might have had more fun than her.
Preparing for the hunt!

And the goods. None of us had ever had Peeps. A shame right.

And then we headed outside for some good ol' Easter egg dying. We did it in the backyard... its kind of an embarrasing activity for three grown folk.
I did not know they put so many colors in those little kits. We had more colors than eggs.

Then off we went to Granny and Buds for an Easter feast. They spoil us. 

We might have brought our eggs for the ride.... just incase we found a hill to roll them down. (From what we have heard this is an Ultra-Canadian activity.) So on the way home we drive past the Football stadium... perfect hill for our little eggs.

Gross right? Turns out I dont know how to boil an egg. I got the water to a nice rapid boil and then dropped the eggs in and took it off the heat. Result: super cracked, super gooey eggs. Ew.

Then we went to our Stakes Easter music fireside. Matt was able to perform his choir pieces and Granny and Bud even came to watch!

It was a fantastic Easter Sunday. Lots of family and candy.. and silly childlike activities.

Thursday, April 12
I come home from work and see this. 
Apparently, Matt loves to weed (even though I have heard many horror stories about the activity from his childhood.) He didn't even stop to take off his backpack.
He just couldn't get enough, and I thought it was hilarious.


  1. Oh I like this. Super bed and everything! So many cute little happenings! Matt's in choir? I never knew! And I'm possibly completely horrified that Matt loves weeding. We had the same childhood experiences with weeding I'm pretty sure and I avoid gardens at all costs now. And that picture of temple square is amazing... the flag in the breeze? The temple? The Flowers? I die!

    Seriously, Canada DOES NOT do spring. That is one thing I will miss about Massachusetts. Cause I really REALLY love Spring and Fall. Its such lovely weather everywhere but stupid Canada.

  2. Great post . Spring time is the best !

  3. okay you are funny my dear. i miss you! and we should go to a rugby game together. that is all.

  4. k you two are seriously the cutest couple! It looks like you guys are having tons of fun in Utah! And that is so fun you have Nicole there too! And I definitely agree with you, spring time is the best! Love that picture with the flowers on temple square!