Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mama Bear

My lovely mother came down to visit us this last weekend. I love love love visits  from the parentals. For 24 hours before she came I had "Santa Clause is coming to town" stuck in my head.

She left last night and there was much weeping and waling from yours truly. The weekend was packed with fun- but Saturday was especially dreamy.

First of all it was stinkin warm. Like its mid-July in Canada warm. It has always been odd to me how much the weather controls my emotions. Matt and I went to go pick up Nicole to start the festivities. Matt did some cartwheels and other acrobatics while I bask in the sun and giggled like a school girl.

Once we had the child we went to Bamboo Hut to meet mom and Aunt Tonya. And then Bamboo Hut became one of my favorite places to eat. Its Hawaiian food... and I think better than L&L. 

I have been seriously craving a BYU rugby game in nice warm weather since we got back from Christmas. To have it with these 3 lovleys and tasty eats was a serious cherry on top.

In Heaven.

So Nicole is in an organ class this semester. And we have been wanting to see her play and haven't had a chance to. Until last Saturday. And O what an adventure it was. Here we are about to go into the Harris building. Nicoles nervous/awkward feelings are starting to kick in.

Nicole told us to "wait here" so she could go investigate the organ room... make sure none of her peers were there I guess. We did not wait. Matt is packing around her Organ Shoes... he was dubbed the organ assistant. This was serious.

Who knew BYU had a whole dirty little room full of organs?

The audience was impressed by the octopus-like moves of the little one. Poor girl in the red shirt right...

After the concert we headed to Costco. And the exact swimsuit I had pinned on Pinterest a few days earlier was there! O happy day.

That night we went and got Shamrock Shakes.... Nicely done McDonalds.

It was such a good weekend full of a lot of laughs and story tellings and family and it went by WAY too fast.

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  1. What a fun weekend! Saturday was such a nice day! I"m sure it was nice to have a visitor. I'm jealous of Nicole, I would love to learn the organ. We'll have to meet up at a rugby game one of these times!