Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tip Toe Through the Tulips

My parents came down last week, and O the fun we had.

It was depressing to have to go to work and know that they were so close... probably doing something really fun.

Last Friday boss man comes into my office about 2 and says... "Tiffany, next week is going to suck, why don't you take off a little early today. But I don't want to hear any complaints next week." All sorts of economic theories pop into my head about discounting ones future... but I couldn't help but be ecstatic.

My parents and Nicole had been moving her into a different dorm all day.. and Matt had the house all sorts of clean when I go home.

I turn into a irrational thinker when my parents come into town. It seems absolutely ridiculous that they could be so close and I would not be with them. So I pace around the house waiting for them to show up... jealous that Nicole has been with them all dang day... I try to calm myself down.

They finally show up and we all pile into the car. I get the hump seat because of my "stub legs". Now to decide where we are going. Its between 2 options: the Tulip Festival, or the Outlets in Parkcity. No one wants to make the decision- of course. Finally Matt ends the misery and says Park City. (He knew that's what pops was leaning towards). And we were off...

Except we weren't off at all. Because it was Friday afternoon and Utah loves construction. So we actually just slowly rolled down the street. And then decided we would have about an hour of shopping by the time we got to Park city. Plan B (or A according to me) The Tulip Festival!!

Since I was a freshman I have been dying to go "Tip Toe Through the Tulips". Haliaka and I had countless conversations and plans about the activity. (Pretty sure this is how we ended up laying in a median on BYU campus in the flower bed).

By the time we got through the traffic and made it to Thanksgiving Point... we were a little hungry, and Nicole had got the giggles. We park, and do a high intensity search for any food in the car. Squeezy Cheese. Perfect. Don't judge, I know its gross, and unhealthy, and not real food. But we LOVE cheese in a can. Nicole sneaks her cheese into the Gardens and misses the first 1000 tulips. If you know Nicole you can guess what kind of mood she was in.

"Sometimes when I'm with you guys, I feel like I am on drugs" - Matthew Lowry.

We matured up, threw away the cracker box... and realized we had stepped into some serious beauty.

Usually with a solid 6 year build up... things tend to be a let down. NOT this time. Magical. 
Someone offered to take our picture when he saw us suffering. Turns out he was a pro. Thanks random stranger

The Double Daffodil! 

Studying the Tulips
Inhaling the Tulips. Look how Matts looking at her... haha I love it.

Worst lighting ever. But I had to include the cute ma and pa picture.


  1. Love the pics, that looks so pretty. I feel like I don't truly know the real Smith fam when I read your blog posts about them. ha Hopefully we can get together soon!

  2. hahahaha matt feels like hes on drugs?!?! I'll admit, that was one of the weirdest days ever.