Friday, February 10, 2012

A Package!!

Last night Nicole took Matt and I out. To one of our favorite places. The Cannon Center.
Where the freshman flock and the BYU chefs keep the food flowin'.
It rivals an airport as my favorite people watching locations.
Then sister says- come up to my dorm, I have a package for you.

Remember how I love surprises. I extra love surprises that come in the mail. And from my parents- covered in lovey stickers! This had to be good.

 Cute right?!?
So much candy and decorations and bouncy ball-ness (which I feel like our little basement is perfect for) and Valentine Day happiness. 

What sweet parents I have.


  1. my blog is

  2. you do have sweet parents.. haha good pun.

    Love your blog and updates from you!

    Maybe we can come visit again soon!