Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Weekenders

Every Monday I drag myself into work and Bossman asks how my weekend was. I say "Really good" and he says "Of course it was, its just the two of you and your newly-weds"... in kind of a sad envious tone.

I am still trying to figure out how to respond to that one.

Its not something that has gone unnoticed. We live for weekends. Because even the silliest little chores are funner when its the weekend.

Friday was a fairly crappy day at work. Probably because I was fighting Matts crazy cold/flu and I was super tired. Matt was at school when I got home from work, I flopped on the couch to indulge in some mind-numbing pinteresting. But my computer was dead. And I was too tired to get the charger. So I fell asleep.

Can you imagine a Friday jam packed with more fun?!

Just Joking.

Matt came home at 7:30ish...this is when the fun starts. And now I was properly powered up for the night ahead. 

The weekend before we had gone on a double date with my cousin Jan and her husband Nate (Which was a blast). We had tried to make it to a BYU Planetarium Show. We didnt make it... because apparently this is an event that sells out weekly. 

This week- we were determined to make it with all of the other BYU nerds

We did. With only seconds to spare. Like we got the last seats under that little dome.

It was interesting... but kind of hurt my neck, and most of the jokes had had to do with Star Wars- thus were far from understood by yours truly. I think Matt liked it though. Next time, better seats are a must. 

We were walking back to the car and came across the International Cinema. (Another repeat from the week before with Jan and Nate). But this time we stayed the entire time and watched a 100% pointless film in Spanish/German/Italian about a guy who looked like Willy Wonka who sailed up the Amazon and tried to have the Aboriginals drag his steamboat over a mountain. 

It was pointless.  But somehow entertaining. And we felt cultured.

Then we came home and watched our "shows". Its a tradition to lay in bed Friday night and watch Modern Family, The Office, Parks and Recreation, and The Middle. We hadn't had dinner yet. AND for some reason last week we thought it was a good idea to buy a 2.5lb bag of spinach. So we watched our shows and ate spinach until we couldn't stay awake any longer.

Sat morning we went to the Temple. Probably the best way to start a day... ever.

Then we came home and cleaned like crazy. To a younger (even slightly) self this would be the crap part of the day. BUT when you put it off all week, and it needs it so bad, and it goes twice as fast as pre-marriage Tiffany is used to... its kind of a good feeling. Then we talked to Matts mom, my Parents, and Jesse.

Then came.... COSTCO.
I think we deserve to be their poster couple.

We average twice a week at that place. Why it makes my heart sing so... I cannot tell.
Then we came home and made some tasty homemade Pizza. Daaaaang it was good.

Sunday afternoon we went to visit Aunt Sharel in Sandy with Nicole. She is my dads sister, and one of my favorite people to spend an afternoon with. It doesn't happen very often- but when it does its always a gem. Such a gem-- the Superbowl was not watched. From me not the biggest deal maybe- but for my football loving husband and sister, that means something.

She told us stories of young pops, her job as as lawyer at the Federal Prison, and of her many world adventures her and her husband have been on. Complete with pictures books. I left wanting to travel and go on adventures and.... not go back to my little office the next day. I am still waiting for this feeling to die down.

Ok so Monday morning I remember feeling like every weekend is an absolute blast these days.
And truthfully, after reading this im not sure why.
We went to some nerdy BYU activities, did chores, and missed the Superbowl.

I think its because planted in with all of those things are a husband who knows how to make me laugh (deep hardy laugh style) in ANY situation and turns grocery shopping into a wild adventure, some great heart to hearts with my fabulous sister, and a few great chats with some of our sweet family.

Oprahs Ah-Ha  moment? Maybe.

Life is good. Work is sub-par (especially today... I had the urge to throw a rock at a window for the first time ever as I was leaving). Matt spends most of his spare hours working his butt off in school. We dont have any tropical trips/adventures planned anytime soon (BUT... we are going to Boston for Melissas Dental school Grad and honestly we couldn't be more excited- this is big!).  But I have been blessed to be surrounded by the best of the best... and it makes all the crappy boring parts so much more than worth it.

Que cheesy Lifetime music.....


  1. Love this post. The lameo things are so much better doing them with the one you love... it's super cheesy, but soo true. You guys are cute!

  2. Aww I love this. And while you may not think your life is super entertaining, it is to me! So I'm very happy for the update. And I'm so excited for you guys to come out to Boston! I'll try to be done with all my freaking requirements so we can do something really fun... well.. mostly so I can be apart of the fun things you do. I love all your little Oprah moments. You are the best!