Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So work for the last week has sucked. And will probably most likely suck until the end of the month. And I think to myself... "this is so not fair, why do I spend the majority of my life working for some men whos main focus in life seems to be to intimidate me. I want to be with Matt, going on adventures and having fun being married." And then I thought... "no self. This is real life. And you have to learn how to be happy all through the stages of real life or you will be a grumpy old woman." And so.. a list of happy things that have happened this week. Mostly for myself.

1. Friday night camp out- Matty and I built a fort out of blankets and furniture, watched shows, and ate an incredible amount of candy and muddy buddies.

13. Nicole. Who spent a whole precious "visiting hour" on letting me and husband into her dorm. That girl is truly a hoot.

2. 2 girls nights! Kind of the first time I have left Mr Lowrys side since marriage happened. I have some amazing girls in my life. So fun.

3. My red slip cover that FINALLY got here- After fighting with the Target elves for like a month it finally arrived. The living room is SLOWLY getting cuter.

4. A personal domestic success. I made an apple ring recipe that is my great grandmas. And they were good. Dang good. And I entered the world of bylund-ladiness

5. Our Sunday school class told us that we are funner than their last teachers... I feel bad even putting that. Funner is not the point right? and sunday school is not a place for such competition. I even pretended not to hear it. But inside I smiled. And Matt and I highfived it later.

6. I discovered a "Scents Sational" Factory outlet 2 min from work. You know where I am at lunch. Our ghetto basement is smellin like a fancy bakery these days.

7. Matty made dinner tonight. Dang good dinner. Chicken Enchilada Soup? Ya, yum. Today was his slow day with classes, he made dinner, cleaned, did laundry... he says hes a "very domesticated man". I say I am a lucky lucky girl.

8. Wedding pictures got here!!! Brittany is amazing, they were so fun to look at! And will be in 50 years too!

9. Mountain West Burrito. O MY GOOD HEAVENS. So tasty. If you live in Provo- GO! If you dont live in Provo- COME visit me and we will GO!

10. Matt and I got our "Pass of all Passes" Hello Seven Peaks... ALL. SUMMER. LONG.

11. Sonic Pumpkin Pie Milk Shakes (again... not a food post)I have eaten an unhealthy amount of pumpkin shakes in my day. These might win. Maybe tied with Sammys Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake shake.

12.In Matts Spanish class they sing a spanish song every class. He comes home and sings them while he does homework... cooks... melts my heart.

14. I had to spell out my last name like 3 times for people this week. A life long goal. "Is that L-O-W-R-E-Y?" NO FOO

13. Pintrest.

I feel better. Life is happy. And I can not wait until November....


  1. Dear Tiffany.
    I miss you when you don't blog.
    So this was wonderful to read.
    Love love love

  2. I love your post as it keeps me up to date with my married kids! Love you and as you have proved you can keep things in perspective and always stay positive. Your the best!