Monday, November 21, 2011

Exactly 1 year ago

I dont have problems falling asleep.
Im usually out like a..... light? (I dont love that saying)
Last night it look a minute to fall asleep because my mind was running all over the place.
Usually by the time I get to bed its mushy and just flops in my head waiting for my eyes to close.

So many things have changed in the last year. That sounds cliche and doesn't even do it justice.

Last year at the time I was preparing to make daily treks to Vauxhall Alberta, I was going to be a teacher, I was wondering if my secret high school crush was actually liking me or if it was all in my head (dont worry 1 year ago self- you will officially be his girlfriend tonight), all I wanted was to go to Fiji- or some sort of adventure (Again- dont worry self you will get an adventure much bigger than Fiji), and I was painfully sick of Deathbridge.

This was last year at this time. It was Matts answer to the Preference dance. He wrote a poem- cut in pieces- duct taped it to lilies- wrapped it in tinfoil- and threw it in the snow behind my house. Kind of adorable- kind of exactly what a boy would do. It honestly blows my mind this was a year ago. In some ways I feel like it should be 5 years, and it sometimes feels like it was all just happening.

Its amazing to look back... even a little... and see where your windie, all over the place path actually takes you.

Im as happy as a clam these days.

I am trying to hard to soak it all in- how can things actually get better than this?

Were headed home this weekend for Thanksgiving and Matts uncles wedding. So excited... sad its not for longer... and a little scared. I feel like if we had the weekend with each of our families it wouldn't be enough- but splitting it between both! That's not even fair. I guess it will leave us wanting more at Christmas.

This is a scattered little assortment of thoughts.. I think the brain is turning to mush again.

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