Thursday, September 22, 2011


I love a surprise. It doesn't even have to be a good one. Any surprise.
And this week was full of some GREAT ones.

I was surprised when....

* I went to work Tuesday morning and found out the Payroll I was in charge of didn't ACTUALLY get paid.

* Boss man surprised me with some super ghetto speakers for my computer so I can "watch some sweet 80s Tiffany music videos"

* I came home from work on Tuesday and Matt is sweating up a storm in the garage trying to fix a bike for me.

AND has flowers for me. Yay for being married for one month.

* The guy that is supposed to be training me came into my office and stole all of my grapes. I loved those grapes.

* I realize that Matt and I can figure out a way to get a Costco cookityourself tortilla into every meal

* I see PUMPKIN SPICE MARSHMALLOWS. I love all things pumpkin. This was a special surprise.

* I get THIS in the mail.
How did Melissa know its been a life long dream of mine to receive a telegram... I am not sure. She knows about all of the cool hidden things you wish you knew about. It was not only super cool to get one.... it had some really sweet words in it too. This was a super great surprise.

* Matt and I search for Tomatillos at 3 grocery stores. Who sells out of those things? I don't know what they are used for other than Cafe Rio salad dressing....

*When Matt and I received a calling at church. That was a big surprise.

*That I have had to have spell check remind me how to spell surprise every time I have tried to type it on this post.... not a huge surprise.

Also.. Im a little embarrassed that I blogged about a melon. Sorry about that one.


  1. I like anything you blog about. :) Even melons.

  2. I didn't know telegrams still existed and I'm with Melissa.. the melon post was still great.