Thursday, September 8, 2011


Ever heard of a sharing shack? There is one by grannies house and is a little hut people either drop off fruits and vegetables that they have too much up, or (in our case) pick up peoples extras (or garbage). Every time we pass the sharing shack Matt and I stop. (Thats where the decorative gord came from). So yesterday we stop and I get back into the car with this little beauty.

Matt, clearly flabbergasted, asks "What is that crazy melon you brought into the car?". We decide it is a Watalope. Half watermelon, half cantaloupe.

On we go with our evening and head to the grocery store. (Where we got a 10lbs. bag of potatoes for 98 cents!!! Its amazing how excited that made us). As we walk around we see our Watalopes twins... and learn he is a Tuscan Cantaloupe.

Back to the car we go. We get in. And O, the smell. Our little Watalope was stinking up the car with its overripe odors. Were driving home with the windows open, Matt holding the watalope, and me begging him to throw it out the window. He refuses, for safety reasons.

We then dwell on all the silly ways to kill Watalope.

I feel weird talking so much about a cantaloupe so I will skip to the end. We ended up throwing him off a bridge on BYU campus. I threw the little guy like a shot put right off that bridge. And it felt good. There were lots of people walking around for 10 at night... so it felt a little risky to cause an explosion of melon on their walk way.

A immature 17 year old activity? yes.

Matt is on the look out to see if we show up in the Daily Universe Police Beat.

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  1. Only you could write a blog about a melon and have me intrigued enough to read the whole thing. I adore you Mrs. Lowry