Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ultrasound Time

Last Monday was ultrasound day.
I had been counting down for weeks and was beyond excited to find out the gender. But also super nervous. So many things that could go wrong! It had been a whole  month since we heard the heart beat... on and on and on. So nervous I didn't even want to tell anyone we had the ultrasound incase something did go wrong.

Since December Matt was 100% sure that baby was a girl. Like to the point he wouldn't even discuss boy names with me, he called "it" a she (which no matter what was better than calling baby an "it" like I was doing). I had no "feelings" about what baby would be. Like none. But that didn't seem like very much fun, so after a while I just started agreeing with him. Mostly because I was scared of having a boy- I swear I am not usually this big of a wimp about things, but children... kind of a big deal.
Then about 3 weeks before our appointment I decided there was a lil baby boy growing inside of me. I day dreamed about how I would give him comb overs for church and mohawks every other day of the week. I remembered how I have always wanted an older brother, and decided that if it really was a boy I would be able to figure things out.

I left work far before I needed to for the ultrasound... like they could expect me to sit there and work when I had a baby to see!
Turns out Matt was having the same impatient problem... when I got to the office he was already there waiting for me.

Im not really sure what I was expecting... but ultrasounds are stinking cool.  One of the first things we saw was the babies heart (sigh of relief). Im not exactly sure what we saw from there on... the tech tried to keep us up to speed but I was a hopeless student. A few min in I forgot what we were there to find out. It was mind-blowing. There is actually a mini human living inside of me! Im not sure I will ever come to terms with that.

Then the tech says, K ready to know what baby is?
Me: BAHHH!!! NO.... I donno!
Matt: Yes... were ready.

"Your having a little baby GIRL!"

I flipped out.

And continued flipping out periodically throughout the night.

Matt and I went for some subpar chinese food to celebrate and then called our parents to share our news.

I feel like a little girl is just the perfect fit  for both Matt and I. I can't wait to see Matt with our daughter. My heart melts every time I see him with any baby, but especially with little girls. I can't imagine the feelings Im going to have when its our little baby!!

At the ultrasound they had an option to buy the video of  the appointment. I couldn't resist. Here is a snipit, probably not too entertaining for most. But Matt and I are hypnotized by her tiny little body parts.

At our follow up Drs appointment she told us that our baby is measuring a little small so we have another ultrasound scheduled in 3 weeks to make sure she is growing properly. But I am pretty sure she has been growing a lot lately- the last few days I have felt her moving SO much. And the little pokes she is giving me are getting stronger and stronger. Seriously... bodies are amazing.

I have felt so much better than during the first trimester. I have so much more energy and don't feel like throwing up every 5 min.

Remember that one time a co-worker came back from a dentist appointment with a frozen face and the sight of him made me gag in his face? That was awkward.

There are still some crazy things happening though... like last week when Matt was gone and I was choking on a mini wheat. I was sure I was going to die I was coughing so hard. Instead I just peed my pants. Great way to start the day.

We have bought our stroller and crib... both of which sit in our living room. Nicole says its ominous. Every time we walk into Babies R' Us I get the same feeling I got when Haliaka and I snuck into the BYU Law school lunch;  like we shouldn't be there and that everyone is looking at us like children.

Remember how I talk about how fast life goes in every other blog post... well now its changed into super warp speed and I feel like its not going to be slowing down anytime soon.


  1. I am so excited for you guys!!!

    Pregnancy does so many weird things, and sometimes it doesn't and your weirdness that comes out and you can blame it on the pregnancy! haha

    You guy are going to be the best parents ever!!!

  2. Love this post! And SO glad you are back to blogging! Now that we live far away I love to read about everything you guys are doing, so don't stop. ha I can't even believe how fast your pregnancy is going, at least to me. I love that you peed your pants. hahaha do those kegels! ha Hope everything keeps going well! Love ya tiff


    i am SO excited for you guys. and you are hilarious.