Thursday, April 18, 2013


Tomorrow is my last day of work. Whaaaaaat

I seriously never thought the day would come. I started at AMP almost exactly a week after Matt and I got married. And have spent most of my days there since.

After how many times I have complained to Matt about my job, and the many terrible thoughts I have had about the place I thought that leaving would be a little more exciting than it is proving to be.

I think its mostly because of some of the people that I work with. I had to say goodbye to the girl I am the closest with today...and kind of hated that. Its fun to have friends at work that you see everyday and can talk about life things with the work things. Im also going to miss being the go to person that knows things. That sounds ridiculous... and kind of bratty actually. I don't mean it that way.

I think it might be the scariness of the future that is adding to my mixed feelings about leaving AMP. In a week we will be moved out, and moved into Mom and Dads basement... with nothing to do but grow a baby. Its all seeming more real... and closer than I though. Yes, yes, my due date isn't until the middle of August, but it still freaks a girl out.

In other news we had another ultrasound on Monday. Baby girl (why do I ALWAYS have the urge to call her homegirl?) is growing. She is now right on schedule with where she should be. And that fluid in her kidney has disappeared. Well- we think. We have a Drs appointment tomorrow to make sure but the tech told us its looking good.

Also, I have discovered some terribly amazing baby clothes websites. And made my first order last night. And might be in trouble. I can see how shopping for such things could become very addicting.

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  1. PLEASE CALL HER HOMEGIRL!!! ha i love it!

    i didn't know about the fluid but i am glad all is going good.