Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dahl Family Reunion

This is my first summer having a "real job". I do not suggest it. To top it off about half of the finance department was either fired or quit within 2 weeks, of our busiest season. So work has been busy. But we have found time for a few fun family festivities.

Two weekends ago Matts mom and Ryder came down with Matts Aunt and 2 of his cousins for a family reunion. As stated earlier- I am a sucker for a family reunion. Perhaps it is my love for people watching that does it. There were some crazy stories about Matts family, and his mom knew a TON about everyone, no matter how far back.

It was far past time that we get out of Provo for a while, and to be able to spend time with Matts mom and talk with her. Since we got married our time with our families has been short, with a lot crammed in, so it was awesome to be able to have some time to just sit and visit with her.

We had a blast hanging out with Ryder. Within just a few minutes of seeing him he explained to us how he needed some Lowry cousins... and that we are his only hope. We played the "riddle game" for 3 days straight. He is hilarious, and just the sweetest kid ever. The whole "Aunt Tiffany" thing is still very new, and I love it.

At the hotel, working on good dental hygiene

After I nice long game of "sharks", what is better than a few handfuls of bacon

On Sunday we found some relatives at the cemetery. And a big ol' snake.

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