Friday, June 1, 2012


Matt has class late on Friday. Sometimes I try to show off domestic skills with a tasty dinner, sometimes I go and hang out with Nicole. Tonight, I blog.

Last week at this time we were in Boston with some of Matts Family for Melissas graduation from dental scheel. And it was glorious. And fast. Too fast.

We headed to the airport at 9:30 Thursday night.

Which means we flew all dang night.

But dont worry because we were supplied with Snooze Kits.

We got to Boston early Friday morning (like 5 am our time early) and Matts parents and Melissa came to pick us up.

We met up with everyone and had a delish breakfast at a trendy little bakery. That kind of stressed me out because the ladies behind the counter kept telling us to order. We were all somewhat confused.

After a little nap and some get-ready we headed to the graduation. The traffic in Boston is crazy! Like people do whatever the freak they want. Wether they were in a car or not. 

Terrible picture quality I know. But there she is- our new little dentist!!

We took some pictures after convocation and then went to the reception. It was classy. A lot of very brilliant east coasters eating a lot of food I have never heard of. But I liked it.

The next morning Melissa had a grad brunch to go to. So after a little bit of a sleep in and a tasty breakfast Matt and I decided to go for a little walk around the hotel.

Except we ended up walking for 5 hours and found ourself in downtown Boston taking in all sorts of sights. And we "ran into" Josh and Jesse on our journeys. Of course we would randomly find them walking around.

Matt and I caught a ride on this pedicab- this guy was crazy. Weaving in and out of all of the cars- all over the road. Just ignore my finger there.

 Crusin down the streets of Boston.

Matt thought it was important that we have a picture infront of this giant teddy bear. Im not 100% sure why- but its a rare thing for matt to suggest a picture so I was all in.

And then- the long awaited duck boat ride!!

All sorts of excitement

We even had a few special guest drivers.

Not too shabby

Then this happened....

Seafood has never been my thing. BUT... Melissa took us an awesome seafood place right on the water. And I was feeling all Bostonian, so I was all for it. Matt ate that crazy lil sea creature stuffed with other smaller sea creatures, I found the whole thing very entertaining.

We ate a weeks worth of calories in a weekend. So many terribly tasty treats! 

Random macaroni at Quincy Square

We had so much fun in Boston and loved being able to spend time with Matts family and celebrating with Melissa, who is a fantastic tour guide :)

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  1. K what a fun trip! That looks like so much fun. I love that picture of you and matt above cruisin the streets of boston. You guys look great! I had a chuckle to myself of the 4th to the last pic. Maybe you can guess why? haha Let's get together soon!