Monday, August 8, 2011

Were going to the zoo zoo zoo

There has been lots of planning and choosing and spray painting and gluing and picture taking and... it was time for a break.

The obvious getaway... The Zoo.

We have been planning to do this for months... like 4 of them (were children). I was super excited and sang the "Were going to the zoo" song on a regular basis for the week before. Ill admit it, the night before I had my grumpy pants on. In a big way. I was just pulling into my driveway from Matts house when he called. "Summer Sausage or Turkey Breast?" In yet another attempt to please his bridezilla Matty was up at 1 in the morning making our lunches for the next day. Heart melts, grumpy pants fly off, zoo-excitement returns.

As a rule, all great adventure days begin with a fatty breakfast sandwich.(how terrible is it that food has such control of my emotions?)

We get to the Zoo... and notice that all of Calgary had decided to join us there. It was CRAZY BUSY.

How awkward is this picture? We wanted so badly to get a picture with a Giraffe. Harder said than done... especially with dozens of children flocking around our feet.

We both have peacock radar on these days... the reception is peacock themed and thus we buy anything with a peacock feather on it. Meeting Mr. Peacock in real life was super exciting... maybe too exciting? I lost control of my emotions, started chasing the bird to quickly and Matt had to bring me back to life with a disapproving "Tiffany!"

Is it sad that our favorite part of the Zoo was the butterfly room? Seriously so cool! There were thousands of them everywhere. I walked around with my finger out hoping one would land there... it didn't, but Matt almost got him to land on his head.

Around lunch time we decided to hit up an elephant show. So while we ate our tasty turkey sandwiches we learnt all sorts of fun elephant factoids. (Like that they have giant fat pillows in their feet and dont make a sound when they walk- glorious right?) After the show we went and got right up close and personal with the elephants.

When you first walk into the Zoo there is the "Jurassic" area on one side and the "Canadian" area on the other. As a child we would always run past those to get to Africa, Australia ect. Matt and I did the same thing. And just like when I was a child we ended on the Canadian section. And Im not sure why. Its kinda lame. They have an exhibit of "ground squirrels". Really were going to devote room to a gopher? No, the gopher needs to be shot. The bear was alright... but Waterton provides a better view.

I had set some very high hopes for the Zoo. Extremely high. And they were surpasses - very rare. It was so fun to get away for the day and not HAVE to do one thing. It has been a weird summer... less summery more weddingy. I am happy about that, but it was nice to switch it up for a day.

Also, we are getting married in 11 days. Were almost to the single digits people!!

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  1. I really like the picture with you chasing the peacock. I think it is hilarious