Thursday, July 14, 2011


I had last saturday off work. Yay, sleep in! No, not sleep in. I hear mother coming down to my room... she opens the door and says "wake up were going to Jellystone!" and walks out of my room. Understandably confused I yell "WHAAAAT is Jellystone". "It's where Yogi Bear lives" and then she runs upstairs. O, right. Of course, Yogi Bear.

Once I came to my partial senses I knew were were headed to Montana for a Smith Family Hike. Mother loves Glacier, smith family hikes... and mostly the huckleberry ice cream.

It just isn't summer in Southern Alberta until you have been on a hike.
We went down to Glacier last weekend for a hike mother described as a "quick 20 min walk around the lake". 3 hours later it occurred to me I have never been told the truth about a looming hike. But it was a good time.

Smith girls in a lake.

Is that a bear? No no its pops. Cooling himself in a swampy stream. "This is what we did on the farm"

I might have been misled about the a adventure I was taken on... and my father might have ate all of his lunch by the time we were 10 min in - and then started eyeing ours...and we probably bought all the huckleberry ice cream in the park (making for some disappointed non-smith children)... and Nicole and I likely bickered in the backseat for an hour while we waited at the boarder... but overall a successful trip to America.

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  1. I guess that I missed out. But I don't mind when you have some good family time while I am working on Saturdays . You could even go to waterton tomorrow if you wanted to.