Friday, April 22, 2011


I just wrote an obnoxiously long post on some recent activity in my life. Its cheesy, drawn out, and meant for my journal. I have opted for a more precise method of sharing the same message.

The friendship rock of 2007.....


Has become the love rock of 2011


As of August 20th we will be Mr. and Mrs. Lowry. It feels like a dream... a far fetched dream... come true. I could not be more excited to marry my best friend in the entire world.


  1. I have many a comment to make

    1) How did I not know you have known him that long? I mean I figured you had but like... not to the point you have pictures together from way back when. I thought that picture was a recent thing (the friendship rock one)

    2) I need details on the proposal. This isn't cutting it... unless you'd like actually have a phone chat soon? we suck at those by the way

    3) I feel too creepy to try and zoom in on kissing pictures so I'm requesting a picture of that ring Mrs. Lowry to be.

    4) I already know a Tiffany Lowry... it's kind of weirding me out that I will know two.... lucky for you, I like you 100 times more. Thats an understatement too

    5) TOLD YA YOU'D MARRY HIM (from the start I said this).. I think I predicted by March you'd be engaged too... I was a little off. I should have hinted earlier.

    6) I'm so glad I will be there for this beautiful event. You are going to be STUNNING.

  2. CONGRATS TIFF!!! OH MY GOODNESS THAT'S SO FLIPPEN EXCITING! i BEST be getting an invite girl!! Your going to make one STUNNING, GORGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL, SMOKE SHOW bride!!!!!!! Seriously CONGRATS girl!!!

  3. yay.. a blog post. but i do want more details - like the long cheesy drawn out version.. hahah!! COngrats to you both! i am so excited for you guys!

  4. So I kinda love that its the Love Rock. Love that alot actually. Also I adore that you have pictures from way back in the day with Matt. You'll be able to frame all these adorable pictures from when you're young and it'll be this sweet thing. In fact that may be my favorite thing ever. And am terribly jealous of it.

  5. Oh you guys are SOOO cute! August will be a beautiful time to get married. Im so excited for you both. Enjoy the planning!

  6. Oh Tiff!! This was so simple, so beautiful :) I'm so happy for you two!! Xoxo.