Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February Wish List

I didn't make a wishlist for Christmas and apparently I am in a needy mood. So here is my delayed wish list.

1- To be in Utah March 4th for Rylies wedding. If I had a demand list I would put this one there. I don't know how I will get there or who I can convince to come with me, but it needs to happen.

2- I would really really like if the Chicken Factory didn't steal my boyfriend everyday from three till midnight. Kind of cramps my style.

3- To follow tradition, I have another outlandish summer adventure planned. I would really like this one to work out. And I would like the $4000 needed to make that happen.

4- The never-ending-death-cold to go away. I have had it forever and I am just sick of feeling crappy.

5- A little bit of warmth. I'm not asking for much here... just stop snowing for a day or two and lets bring up the temperature up to a solid -5 (no wind). This -20 blizzard is starting to get a tad depressing.

Here is my delayed thank-full list from Thanksgiving

1- The daddy daughter date that is my week. Mother and sister are in Utah. Pops and I go to random movies, conduct food experiments, and attend bull auctions. He is a hilarious man.

2- Matt. He surprises me with flowers on my grumpy days and soup on my sick days. 3 months today!

3- Best friends. I have the best in the world.

4- My slow paced life. Its starting to get old... but no school, no work.. I have waited years for this!

5- Pooch aka my sister. I hang out with her more than any other female. Our frequent sleepovers and late night chats have really made me realize what a gem she is.

1 comment:

  1. 1. Fly to Utah. Then noone has to drive with you :) Book immediately so its cheaper!

    2. What the stink are you doing this summer? Coming to live here with me? k good.

    3. Matt. You are in love. Lets talk.