Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Try It.

There are 2 things that I am quite sure will never be on my favorites list. 1. Sushi. 2.Snowboarding. Most people I know are personal insulted by at least one of these. I have tried both more than once because people they can change my mind. Sushi makes me feel like I swallowed a uncleaned fish aquarium. Snowboarding makes me feel like I want to die.

I have recently been given the title "Lowry Lover". Apparently there are a few of us around, and we have a love and fascination with all Lowrys. I would fight it if I didn't think it was true.

SO when a group of said Lowrys purpose the Snowboarding idea whats a girl to do? One more go at the blasted butt-bone breaking sport.

It takes a while to talk Melissa and I into it... or I guess just Melissa because I decided that I would do whatever she did. How old am I right? So she decides yes, we go around to homes gathering various winter gear and go to Wills to spend the night.

Talk talk talk till 2ish. Boys go out to sleep on the ground after they are told to leave, its going to be an early morning. Melissa and I get all cozy in our double bed. And apparently have a lot to talk about. All of a sudden its 6. But don't worry because we covered all of the most important topics. She helped me know where I stand.

The plan was to leave at 8ish. We get woken up at 7:40. Since when are these boys on time/early for anything? It was at this point I started to understand how important this icy ritual is.

We load in and begin the journey.

Upon arriving at the hill my nerves are high. The boys engage in some hugging. What is this? excitement? fear of never seeing each other again? It didn't help the nerves.

First injury of the day... Wills finger almost gets sliced off. Surely more injuries are to follow.

Perhaps if I make Matt take a retarded amount of pictures with me we wont get out there till noonish.


Matt thought that maybe by filling out my rental form he would find out how much I weigh. I told a horrendous lie. And he knew.

And then it began. Matt took me to the bunny hill and showed all sorts of patience. I was annoyed of myself... but he was a good teacher. I fell lots of times. But he just kept saying nice things. So I kept trying.

Then his board started falling apart... or it was on backwards... something. It required attention and gave me a nice long break. I wasn't mad.

At this point a feel bad. Matt hasn't been snowboarding in 2 years and his stupid girlfriend takes him on the bunnyhill all day? Not ok. So the burden that is myself is passed on to Melissa. Bless her soul.

Nervous feelings come back as we ride up the big kid chair. We both know that taking pictures is probably the best way to handle any situation

Then some magic happened. After much falling, Melissa and I dance down the mountain. Full out holding hands, turning, spinning, laughing. It was something special I think. It gave me a little taste of what snowboarding would be like without falling ever 2.23 minutes.

My dance partner. This was posed for. There was no falling.

Then its the best time of snowboard trips. Lunch.

Sometimes Matt gets a bloody nose and my deepest need for goggles lies in their ability to hold back my hair. Cute right?

I had had enough of the sport for a while. The kids go on to do some crazy pro-like moves I am sure.

On the way home we find this treasure

How could you not stop and take a picture right?

Despite my negative attitude, I liked this day a lot. Its a highlight of the Christmas break. Will I go again this year? probably not.

Melissa advised Matt and I that teaching each other a skill is great for our relationship. Perhaps the next adventure needs to be Country Dancing...


  1. Tiff... this is serious business. The boy not only gets two shout outs on the blog within a week but his picture makes the top picture section of your blog. I am impressed (and still holding onto my prediction!!)

    I think you just need to come try snowboarding here. We just have little hills to learn on making it WAY easier. I love snowboarding but I'm sure I'd be screwed on a mountain :)

  2. Oh. I like so much about this post.
    I laughed out loud a couple times. Cause you are a funny girl Miss Smith.
    But I still have full confidence that one day we will get you to 1. Love snowboarding... well, at least to the same level that I'm at, where you go easy and perhaps end by 3pm... we just need to go when the snow isnt compacted down into ice.. it'll make it so much easier. And I'm glad we got to snowboard together a bit. Matt needs to learn to share better sometimes and 2. Not hate sushi. That one is still on the list.
    But our late night convo still makes me laugh and smile. You are brilliant. Officially.

    P.S. I also like that the christmas present pile made it up above. I like that. I like that alot.

  3. And laughing out loud was awkward... cause I'm sitting on my radiology rotation right now. But for you I would awkwardly laugh out loud any day!