Friday, January 14, 2011


Christmas was fantastic. I have been wanting to blog about it... but procrastinating. Probably because Melissa did such a perfect job of capturing everything I just reread hers when I want to relive it and know that my Christmas post will be second grade to hers. I'm sure I will pretty soon though...
I just got done my first week of "real" classes at UofL (not a lone summer course or student teaching). Differences have been noticed between my Pronghorn life and my Cougar life. And now they will be noted.

- At BYU a girls wardrobe staple seemed to be stilettos of various loud patters, at the UofL the staple is yoga pants.
- UofL classes are slow starting. At BYU I swear we would have a test week 2. Here I am still getting course outlines handed to me.
- Much less smiling at strangers/door holds happen here.
- Males are much taller/stronger than at BYU.
- Upon switching schools the frequency of on-campus run ins has sky rocketed. My first semester at BYU I maybe ran into 3 people I knew. Here between every class I see no less than 5 people. And that is just counting the quality people I actually want to talk to.
- No one tells me how my Business class is going to pertain to the Gospel anymore...
- Every topic is now compared between Canada and the US, "Canada" used to be a word that made me turn my head
- Goodbye L&T, Hello Tim Hortons
- Obviously there has been an accent shift, but now I notice the Southern Alberta bulky sound.
- Apparently at the UofL we have a deep rooted fear of China and India taking over the world... its come up in half of my classes.
- Walking from ones car to class has become a near impossible task. It has been -30 and windy all week. Luckily Matt has been in town all week and thus I have been dropped off at the door to every class (heavenly) I am still not sure how I will handle the trek when he leaves me again.
- Diversity at UofL = 10 times that of BYU
- Sometimes you get the feeling at BYU that people think the first day of class is their chance to spot, sit by, and thus marry their future companion. Doesn't happen here. You sit where you can see not by hot guy.
- School sports have plummeted down the totem pole. Jimmer is doing fine without me, but not so much I without him.
- BYU smells of fruity classy perfumes, UofL smells of coffee and over-worn winter coats.
- The UofL loves their technology.

I dont know why I felt it necessary to make this ridiculous compilation of useless over generalized facts that are likely to insult at least one of my peers.


  1. Aha, this is pretty funny. I giggled a few times.

  2. this is great. you are great. which school do you prefer?

  3. Um, I cannot wait for you to blog Christmas. Mostly cause I cant wait to see your perspective. No pressure dear. Also... I like lists. And that Matty drives you to school. Lucky girl.

  4. china is on the move...haha
    and UofL kills BYU

  5. You are one of my favorite blog writers. I love the way you write everything. I think you are hilarious...and that you're going to marry that boy (I hope he doesn't read this)