Sunday, November 23, 2014

15 months

Life update time. I had kind of given up on blogging, it has been SO LONG. How do I catch up 9 months. But then I started reading old posts. I love the flood of memories they bring. And so... here I am.
We moved to California in June, had a month of heaven before Matt started school. Even then we knew it was the calm before the storm. And then the storm came. Matt started school, and it has been just as crazy and everyone warned us it would be. From what we hear the first year, and then 1st quarter of the 2nd year are crazy and then things start to get a little better. Apparently the 2nd and 3rd quarter of the first year are the very worst. Where are we? Almost through the 2nd quarter. It sucks.
Living in the Bay Area has been awesome though. I really do love it here. Probably mostly because of the amazing friends we have made. I have never been in a Ward that is so friendly. And the other "Dental Wives" are such a great support. And there is always something fun going on here, so many things catered to little kids too. Its been fun discovering the area. 

Guys, I love being Brylins mom so much. It just keeps getting better. Here is my homegirl update
Brylin is 15 months. She...

- Runs. All. Day. Long. I am not joking. She builds up a sweat multiple times a day just from doing laps around the house.
-Is still behind in teething. Her 2 bottom teeth are in, her top two are well on their way, and one other on the bottom just poked out last week. I worry about the "toothless" gene that Matt carries. O how I worry.
-LOVES dogs (aka woof woofs), and any stuffed animal or doll. And when holding one she does nothing but try to put it to sleep. She walks around patting the doll on its back saying (Shhh shhh shhh)
-Says Dada. A lot. She loves to call Matt at school or point to his pictures.
- Calls me dada.... not cool
- Is a signing baby! I worry it has made her a little on the demanding side. Signs she knows- more, eat, water, milk, bath, help. And it seems if she is awake she has need to be signing at least one of them.
- Just changed from 2 naps to 1. Which is usually 2- 3 hours long. She goes to bed at 6 (making it hard to do anything in the evenings) and wakes up around 8:30. I wish I could move her sleep schedule back an hour or 2 , but I am scared to mess with it, she sleeps SO much.
- Has decided strangers are ok. She will go to just about anyone. Especially if they have a dog or doll...
-Eats just about anything. Except cabbage. Dont even think about trying to give her cabbage. Her favorites are cheese, raspberries, oranges, noodles of any type, and whipped cream.
-Is still being swaddled. Seriously. We use a woombie, and she can stand up in it and get her arms out if she wants. But she does not want. She loves it. She basically puts herself in it. One day she will grow out of this right?
- Seems to be incapable of sharing or being "gentile" 
- Really loves music. Her dance moves...well... you can tell she is me and Matts child. But she is working on them.
- Gives "kisses" which are actually just a big long face lick. I never thought I would beg someone so hard to lick my face.
They are twins

If you look close you can see Matt chasing the babe

Brylin was obsessed with this pumpkin and box for weeks. 

Her halloween costume

Where she found her deeply-loved pumkin

One day I was feeling adventurous and we took BART into the city

The next few are a trip we took to Lake Tahoe during Matts semester break

K well... see you in another year.....
Just joking. I hope not.


  1. I can't wait until next year's post! You are the best wife and momma! I could not get through the many challenges that I have without your love and support.

  2. Cutie Patutie!! ps. Ben was the same with sleep (going 13-14 hours straight-heaven). but we thought pushing the bedtime back would be better for our schedules. Mistake. He woke up 2 hours EARLIER! For some reason, the earlier he went to bed, the later he slept. The later he went to bed, the earlier he woke up. SO weird. We did tried it many times. Always the same result. But im sure if you do it in very small amounts (maybe 10 min??) then it might work. Miss you guys!