Saturday, August 10, 2013


Last Wednesday was the ugliest of days for me. No make up, crazy top bun, and chances are I was wearing Matts clothes. So when the doorbell rings at 10 at night a girl doesn't jump to answer. And when her mom tells her to answer she says no.

But its probably pretty good that I did. There stands Haliaka and her husband Matt. Cue freakout. A serious freakout for a really long time. And I may have peed a bit. I literally don't think I have ever been so surprised! I was absolutely thrilled. Haliaka is honestly like a sister to me. We clicked our first year at BYU and have been a giggly mess since. Last time I saw her was over a year ago at her wedding, and before that, another year- at my wedding. And we all know wedding get-togethers are the best place to catch up so it was soooooo nice to be able to spend the weekend together and just hang out. Also- how sneaky!! Her and my sweet mother had been planning this surprise visit for months- it may have been the only thing that could possibly take my mind off of waiting for a baby. Such great timing.

I couldn't sleep that night because of the excitement levels. I am sort of pathetic. And childish. But I was up the next morning at 6 and it took all of my will power not to run upstairs and jump on Haliaka and Matts bed and start some sort of adventure.

Matt came home from Airdre early so we could all hang out. On Thursday night we went on our first of many double dates. Haliaka and I had been day dreaming of this day for years. And it went very well. Our Matts got a long so well- they have so many similarities its kinda crazy.

Friday morning was raining like crazy. But there isn't a lot to do in southern Alberta- so we couldn't let a little precipitation interfere with our plan to go to Waterton. It was a soppy trip but a success. We spent some time in the Prince of Wales, went out for lunch, lots of drives, tried to go on a 1 km hike but got so wet we had to turn around (being 9 months prego and wearing flip flops also didn't help the situation), obviously got some ice cream, and saw 3 bears!


We get home... and the living room is full of balloons and decorations. A surprise baby shower whaaaaaatt?! Cue freak out round 2. The theme was Dr. Suess and it was stinkin ADORABLE. There were books everywhere and a cute banner that Haliaka had made. There was "green" deviled eggs and ham that Matts mom and Linds had made. Mom had made some "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" cupcakes with big puffs of blue cotton candy on the top. Everything was so cute. Except for me. I looked like a wet rat. 15 min to get ready before people start coming. Ready go.

I didnt take a darn picture the whole night. It made my heart hurt. Thank you Ashley for all of these! I owe you.


I am one lucky girl. So many people were so generous and sweet and Matt, homegirl, and I got so spoiled. Why are miniature anythings so much cuter than regular sized? Melts my heart. After the shower I finally started to feel like we were ready for the babe.

Saturday we hung out at Matts house and then went for Poutine at Red Dog Diner. We spent the afternoon playing games and then Matt and Haliaka made homemade pizza for us. Yum.

So basically it was the best weekend ever. I super love surprises. And got 2 of the best surprises ever within days of each other. My mom says now its my turn to surprise and have a baby.

Matt leaves for Cleveland tomorrow afternoon and will be back Monday night. I plan on standing on my head for the entire time he is gone.

As of today I am at 39 weeks. My hands and feet couldn't get fatter. They have creases on them where the skin is being stretched to the limit. Are stretch marks possible on ones hand?  I have been reading a book called Hypnobirthing that has helped to calm me down about the whole birthing thing- a lot. Dont worry that for weeks my dad thought I was reading Hypobirthing.

My hospital bag is packed, I have tested Matt multiple times on all the things he needs to remember to tell the nurses/Dr incase I forget, and homegirls red minky/cheetah blanket is done. What else does a girl need right? So come Tuesday I think we will be ready for this babe to show up.

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