Thursday, July 11, 2013

34 Weeks

2 posts in 1 day? Dang, self.

It seems that we are ACTUALLY having a baby people. Its all getting real, and quick, and I now understand the term nesting.

In the last 24 hours I have gone through all of her clothes for the 2nd time, washed them, found them a spot in the closet, sewed 3 headbands, 1 skirt, bought a few binkies, and spent a few too many hours  researching diaper bags, rearranged out bedroom, and scrubbed the entire bathroom.

I have only really had one craving, vanilla soft serve ice cream. And I have it often. Is that a craving or just a fatty quality? I dont know. But I cant get enough of the stuff. Matt doesn't complain. He might when his wife has gained 50 lbs... but as of right now he likes it.

My doctors appointments have been up-ed to once a week. I remember at my first appointment when they told me that would happen... and it seemed forever away. Here we are. And from what I hear the appointments are about to get a little more "exciting".

Homegirl is a dang ninja in there. Its the weirdest thing in the world to see your watermelon belly move out of the corner of your eye. Or to have the book your reading jump because it gets smacked by some little body part. She only seems to get the hiccups when its time to sleep. And for the last few days she likes to ram little body parts into my left hip. Im not sure if thats possible, but its sure what it feels like.

Overall, I have felt really good. The nausea/back ache that were the first semester havent returned (knock on wood) and I can still flush public toilets with my foot so I really have nothing to complain about..... except.... for the HEAT. I am seriously cooking from the inside out.

We do have one problem however... naming the babe. Its getting more stressful as the days go on. Matt is 100% sold on one name...which makes all of my suggestions useless. We are taking suggestions. Seriously. Good, not overly-used, not overly-weird, spellable, cute suggestions :)

In our prenatal class the instructor asked "where is the worse place for a woman to be in stage 1 labour?" the answer she got?.... "The States" And its kind of true. Tomorrow we are going to Babb MT, which I have been told by some insurance companies is "very risky". But there is huckleberry ice cream there sooooo its worth the risk. Mom wants to go on a walk around a lake "without any elevation" (I have heard THAT one before). Pops thinks I shouldn't be doing that "in my condition". I will try to convince them to let me take one for the team and sit on my butt and wait for them at the ice cream shop.

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