Tuesday, February 19, 2013

VDay and St. George

Apparently nothing noteworthy has happened since August. 

Not true. It makes me grumpy that I go 7 months without documenting anything. But we will just pretend that didn't happen start from here.

Valentines Day was awesome. The days leading up to lovie day were full of lots of hidden, fatty foods all around the house with sweet little notes attached. Matt was up super late the night before (4 am whaaat) so I felt a little bad about my breakfast surprise... but I did it anyway. I woke the poor boy up far too early and told him to hurry and get ready. We went to Kneaders and ate way too much french toast- or maybe that isn't possible at Kneaders. So good.

Matt had class late that night, but I came home to some beautiful roses and a scavenger hunt. Hubs is a creative man. And also understands my love of Reese's anything. All around the house were little clues attached to Reeses hearts.
Mr Honey Bear with his jet pack

Right as I was finishing up the hunt (ending in more fatty foods) Matt called and said he was ready for pick up. We went to Goodwood. I had been dreaming of their Nachos all day. Literally. I couldn't stop thinking about the stupid things all day. I had a blast just talking with Hubs, not being in a hurry to go anywhere, and commenting on the fabulous people watching. 

As we were leaving the restaurant mom and dad were rollin into town. It was kind of late so they just came over for a quick little visit and then headed to Grannies.

Matt has been insane crazy busy with school and getting ready for the DAT. He takes the Canadian one this Saturday and the American one in April. As if the poor boy didnt have enough to do lets throw some ridiculous soap carvings on top of it all.

So what does a good Wife do in such a time of need? Leaves town. Sad right?

My parents took Nicole and I down to St. George last weekend. I was fully expecting Hawaii like conditions. Ended up freezing my toes off in my flip flops all weekend. But we had a blast. There was a beautiful pool with palm trees right outside, it was warmer than Provo, and I saw the sun for the first time in about 2 months.

The weekend was full of lots of laughs, getting Nicoles Goat, playing Poleconomy, tons of food (like a second trip to Kneaders) and exploring the booming metropolis of St. George.

Mom and Pops on some Sand Dunes we found. Dad was making fun of a little white boy who was so white he looked blue. And then he looked at us and apparently we had the same issue. We blamed it on the red surroundings and not the fact that our lilly white skin hadn't seen sun in months.

The girl has wanted so bad to be a climber for her whole life. But for some reason is always overestimating her skill in this area (see rock climbing picture from Idaho this summer). It took all 4 of us to get her up on this little perch. 

Granny and Bud drove up and came over to the Condo for Sunday dinner. Which is always an adventure. After dinner we went on a tour of the Tabernacle and to see some very important senior game sites.

It was the first time Matt and I have spent a night away from each other. And I didn't love that at all. He was so busy I dont think he really noticed... 

Mom and Dad left this morning. Which means last night the waterworks were flowin. After 6 years of being left in Utah while they head northward you'd think I would be getting used to it. 

There. A quick overview of the last week- mostly just to make me feel better about my recent blogging absence. 

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  1. TIFF!! I thought I smelt your blog! I am happy to see you are still blogging :) I used to blog every day.. now it's like once a year. I am trying to be better with it! I love ST. George, that's so awesome you guys all went - sorry to hear it was kinda cold! But glad to hear everything is going well. You and Machew are the cutest :)