Sunday, June 12, 2011

Little Sister

I am starting to realize that change is what life is. Don't get too settled into any stage. My once fuzzy headed, slightly chubby faced, little kid smelling sister is grown. It was kind of mind blowing to watch her go through the many graduating rituals. As we have got older it has seemed that the 4 year age gap has shrunk. Graduation weekend I feel like it was eliminated.

Nicole amazes me. I find her wittier, and smarter than most. I can no longer blame her academic success on my teaching her the Alphabet before she could walk. It is very possible this girl will take over the world.

Our little family is going through so many changes. So exciting, and I love them. But sometimes they kinda just make me wanna cry.

1 comment:

  1. Change scares the pants RIGHT off of me. I'd like to say I'm not mad about it - but I am - I need pants!

    That's so exciting that she graduated and is growing up. You're family is going through some great changes and adding some great new members ;) xoxo.